If she’s been good

By Mir
June 21, 2010

My own darling daughter has been completely rotten, lately, but I’m sure yours is just an angel. In fact, she’s probably been so good that you’re willing to go buy her something trendy and overpriced at Justice, because that’s just how hip and cool of a mom you are.

Of course, you’d never pay full price there, natch. Nope, you’ll use coupon code 803 for 40% off your order, because that’s just how you roll. There’s a slew of summer stuff in the sale section already, by the way—cheap shorts and Ts, as well as some discounts on bathing suits. You can make her happy and stay on budget, but if you don’t want to tell her about the coupon, don’t worry about it. Your secret’s safe with me.

[Please note: Every single time I post a Justice code, someone complains that it’s not working because they put the code into the “Justice Membership” box instead of the “Coupon” box. You want the second entry field, the one highlighted in purple, for the coupon.]


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