Oink oink!

By Mir
June 22, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Many thanks to Ellen for sending this one along—you can always check out the hilarious explanation on the ThinkGeek blog for how this came about, but the bottom line is savings for you.

Through June 30th, 2010, use code PORKBOARD to take $10 off your $40+ purchase at ThinkGeek. And be sure to thank the National Pork Board for being so… porky… and playing their part in your discount.


  1. Way to spectacularly miss the point there, Pork Board. hahahaha

  2. Hey, any excuse to shop at one of my favorite places!

    The blog is hysterical 🙂

  3. Really. You are not allowed to use the two words white and meat consecutively without being sued?

    Disappointed though. I was hoping for a bacon deal:)

  4. Awesome, thanks! I was in need of some bacon products.

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