Save half, or get twice as much

By Mir
June 22, 2010

Whoops, the day’s already half-gone, so I apologize for not getting around to posting this sooner. It turns out that today (Tuesday, June 22nd) everything is half off over at Lee Jeans, just because. Free shipping on $65+, too, so if you decide to really clean up, you could be looking at everything delivered to your door for free.

They have all kinds of clothes, you know. Not just jeans. And I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly not above half off….

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  1. Just found you through The Mom Blogs! 🙂 ::waves::

    I didn’t know this and I have a bunch of boys to clothe – I’m headed now to check out the sales. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.

    I have 3 blogs – weight loss, spiritual journey, and my odd ramblings…check me out if you get a chance! I’ll be following you. Can always use help in the budgeting department.


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