Who can cook in this heat?

By Mir
June 24, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I confess: Despite my frugal ways, when summer hits in full force (today is relatively cool by Georgia standards, by which I mean the heat index is only—I hope you’re sitting down—96 degrees), my desire to cook drops off significantly. (My desire to sit on a pool noodle in the water and sip a cool, fruity drink goes way up, but that’s another story.)

So, sure, we’re eating out a little bit more. But I’m not worried, because Restaurant.com keeps churning out promotions like clockwork, including the fact that through June 30th, you can get yourself 80% off your purchase with coupon code SUMMER. That means $25 worth of dining for just $2 out-of-pocket, and that means you have plenty left over for a couple of drinks that come with little umbrellas.

Because everyone knows the umbrellas make it way more refreshing.


  1. Woah! Best deal ever. I went ahead and got 3 of the $100 ones. Since I’m in metro Atlanta, there are lots of restaurants that take the Restaurants.com card! Excitement abounds, but alas, cooking does not!!

  2. Only 96? Our heat index was 103 up here in Northern Virginia! 😉

  3. we just got 2 for a great seafood restaurant 1 block from us at the beach right in time for our vacation next week, score!

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