Diapers and wipes and savings, oh my!

By Mir
June 28, 2010

Got a kid or two in diapers? Amazon’s been great with the diaper deals, lately, and now they’re offering additional savings on just about everything—just shop their selection of diapers and wipes and enjoy 15% off automatically, then another 15% when you buy via Subscribe & Save (which gives you free shipping, too). That’s 30% off their already discounted prices, and you never even had to leave the house.

You know, back in my day, to get prices like that we had to clip coupons out of the paper and then go to the warehouse store. And I tell you what, my dinosaur didn’t have air conditioning, either, you whippersnapper.

(Sorry. Diaper deals make me emotional.)


  1. Thanks! I’ve got a special needs child who has no interest in potty training so any discount I can get is wonderful!! Especially for the swimmies – those are so expensive!

  2. That’s a good deal — saved $15 over my usual warehouse price!

  3. Someone seriously just became my new BEST friend! I just got a box of Huggies Overnites for my adorable pee pee monster for $11.40 shipped. That’s a better price than the last time these were on sale on Amazon (and I was happy then)! A regular pack of these diapers cost more than that even with a good coupon ~Woo Hoo!~

  4. Woo Hoo!! Thanks! I also snagged some overnights. Then I went back for wipes and diapers for the newborn.

  5. Thanks so much! We go through so many diapers…and then I sent your link to my brother and sister. This is major savings over BJs…even with coupons! Plus now I won’t pick up everything else that I “need” when I go in to buy diapers 🙂

  6. I got in on the last diaper deal you posted, and today I got an email from Amazon that I was being given a free Amazon Prime trial because of my diaper order. I’ve already had a free trial (from one of your posts, again), so we are so psyched to have ANOTHER. So thanks again for all the savings!

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