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By Mir
June 28, 2010
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Out of return address labels? They’re pesky things; so handy to have, yet so hard to justify spending actual money on. I get it.

Try this one out: Office Depot is offering 250 full-color labels for just $9.99 with free shipping. But you know, $10 is kind of a lot. so go ahead and use coupon code 854758859 to take off $9—then you get 250 labels for just under a buck.

You probably have that in change in your couch cushions, you know?


  1. I’ve been wanting something like this for ages! Thank you!

  2. Fun! Thanks!

  3. SWEET!! Thanks!!

  4. Just got my daughter some cute labels …total only $1.05! You rock!

  5. Awesome, we just decided yesterday we were moving. Just not sure where or when yet. So darn it, I probably shouldn’t get 250 address labels.

  6. thanks!!!!

  7. thanks!! we get free address labels in the mail all the time, but they clutter up my inbox and make it difficult to tell what needs to be paid. i am willing to pay $1.07 (with tax!) to eliminate that problem…. =)

  8. Everyday labels…Christmas labels..yay!! Thanks for sharing! Also, we might have broken their site!

  9. Awesome, thanks!

  10. Sweet! Note that this is a fully customizable roll, so you don’t have to use the stock solutions. Upload your own photo/graphic.

    On the down side, boy is the OfficeDepot custom printing web site slow. Not just slow. GLACIAL.

  11. I just made some of these for my brother, who is starting a new business. I was impressed that you can upload your own picture or graphic, and play around with fonts and colors. Thanks Mir, great deal!!

  12. Yep, I’m with BB. The site is excruciatingly slow…and this is one of those times where I’ve decided that saving a couple bucks (okay, nine) is just not worth my time. Too bad, because my daughter was excited about the prospect of her own address labels! Now I know what to get her for Christmas…

  13. i feel so pretty. i finally ordered something using one of your links! just think, your percentage of my $1.05 purchase can help put chickadee through college, or buy monkey his first car. or, well, make me feel pretty.

  14. I’m having a ton of trouble ordering. (I’m saying so here even though I know you don’t have anything to do with either the problems or the fixing of them, because I always like coming back when I’m having problems and seeing that other people are having problems too!) Not only is it incredibly slow, I keep getting error pages. I finally customized some labels (by doing other things as it slowwwwwwwwwly worked on my last click—seriously, this part took over an hour), and went through the whole process of no-thank-you-ing all the tack-on products—and then it went to a page that said I had no customized products and I would need to go back to the home page and start over. And there is nothing in my cart. I’m not going to scream, I’m not going to scream, I’m not going to scream….

  15. Same here…put in all my info to wait….wait….wait….to receive an error message…
    takes me back to the home page to enter all the info again to only wait…..wait…..wait…
    to receive YET another error message….
    I think it’s just jammed with orders….. 🙁 unfortunately NO ORDER from me ….

  16. Holy cats, I FINALLY got it to take my order, after experiencing errors EVERY step of the way for TWELVE HOURS, including with my CREDIT CARD where I typed in the info and it gave me an error message saying “payment due” wasn’t acceptable and I had to enter everything again. I persevered only because I have never been able to fully process the concept of sunk costs, because that is the most time I have ever spent to save $9, especially since I’m not even sure the product was worth $10 to begin with. I can say this: I’m glad to have the address labels for a dollar, but the experience on the Office Depot website makes me pretty unlikely to shop there again.

  17. Yay! I had difficulties getting Firefox to load things quickly, but I moved over to Chrome and finished it pretty quickly (except for my tendencies to make everything “perfect,” so I have to move everything fifty thousand times each).

    Thanks, Mir!

    jessica (formerly of takeflightwithinconsideratewings)

  18. That coupon expired yesterday. Lame. Darn, I missed it!

  19. I did manage to get them to honor the coupon by calling and explaining the error problems from yesterday, though I had to give them all of the design specifications over the phone. Fingers crossed.

  20. Clapping at the cuteness. Got mine today. I ordered the sanddollars for summer. And to make you think of summer when it’s cold. Thanks for the great deal.

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