Winner: best deal that made me guffaw

By Mir
June 28, 2010

Look, I’m not saying this isn’t a good deal, because it is. It’s arguably a great deal, but… well, see for yourself.

Right now has a king-size 10″ luxury memory foam mattress available for $400 shipped. I don’t know this particular brand, but I’m guessing for that price you can hardly go wrong. So, points for a nice deal.

However, I really never got past my initial snickering, which occurred as soon as I saw the “Limit (5) per customer” caveat on the product page. I… uh… well. Too bad, because I totally need six.

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  1. Well, it really makes sense. Imagine the lawsuits if someone attempted to stage their very own Princess and the Pea with these. The Princess would sue if she couldn’t feel the pea (after all, it’s not really a mattress, but a mattress cover) and the Queen would sue if the Princess could feel it (I mean, c’mon, 10 inches of memory foam?). I’d say they need at least 100 of them to ensure the Princess had the senses of a princess (say that fast five times) and not just a commoner. Princesses are much more sensitive these days, and the memory foam is designed to give them a good night’s sleep, pea or no pea, so the Queen’s son is safe (or is he…?)

    jessica (formerly jess of takeflightwithinconsideratewings)

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