Replace your laptop battery for less

By Mir
June 30, 2010

Today’s question comes courtesy of Kris, who asks:

Any idea where to get good, cheap-ish PC laptop replacement batteries? I’ve been putting off the purchase (can’t stand the thought of paying Dell $150).

I have an easy answer to this question, with one small caveat: has great prices, huge variety, and they offer free shipping on every laptop replacement battery they sell. (Even better, you can use coupon GGL15 for an additional 15% off!) I’ve personally ordered a variety of products from them over the years and never had a problem. But the caveat is this: what you are going to get is a compatible battery, in most cases, rather than the “official brand name battery” you’d get by going directly to Dell or whatever.

Is that a problem? I don’t think it is, but some people are a little persnickety about that. So I just wanted to point out that part of the cheapness is because of the off-brands.

In terms of price, however, I’d say they’re hard to beat. Happy replacing!

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  1. Might be a good idea to see whether or not an off-brand battery would void any type of warranty, as well. Some extended/partial warranties don’t pay for new batteries, but an off-brand one might void it. JMHO.

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