Maternity is not synonymous with matronly

By Mir
July 1, 2010

When I was pregnant with my kids (you know, back in the Pleistocene Era), I remember completely agonizing over buying maternity clothing. Because spending money on something I would only be able to wear for such a short period of time kind of killed me, but on the other hand, if there’s ever a time in a woman’s life when she deserves to feel pretty against all odds (heh), it’s during pregnancy.

I will not be sharing pictures of one of my favorite outfits. It involved flowered overalls. (It was the 90s, y’all. Don’t judge me.) But this I know: You should invest in some maternity clothes you love, because looking/feeling shlumpy for nine months isn’t good for anyone.

That said, you can certainly shop smart. Right now there’s a slew of summer sales going on at various maternity venues; you can save up to 50% at Motherhood Maternity, or save up to 75% at either Pea in the Pod or Destination Maternity. The nice thing about the end-of-season maternity sales when it’s summer, too, is that you can certainly wear your short sleeves well into winter (layers are your friend!), whereas summer pregnancies and end-of-winter sales tend not to mix. Obviously.

Happy (and fashionable) gestating!


  1. Hey thanks… I actually got some nursing tops for cheap.

  2. My friend really does not like the US chains for maternity clothes. She thinks that they are cheap and just don’t offer a lot of fashionable options.

    I love the fact that you brought up investing in maternity pieces, because you are right you should love what you wear!

    A lot of people don’t believe on spending money on maternity wear, because they do not know if they will ever use it again. Just sell it after you are done! If you have good taste, there will always be someone willing to buy it off of you.

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