Totally silly

By Mir
July 8, 2010

The whole Silly Bandz craze has infiltrated my kids’ schools, and I haven’t bought any yet, because I’m mean and—okay, technically, I just lied to you.

I hadn’t bought any. Until about five minutes ago.

If you want ’em, check out today’s deal at Kids.Woot: 72 Kooz Bandz (same concept, different brand) for $8 shipped, and the price is even cheaper per band if you buy more than one (because it’s a flat $5 for shipping regardless of how many you buy).

I think they’re ridiculous. I also think I’m going to be a hero for at least five minutes when this package arrives. Woo!


  1. *feels like a fool for buying several packs of 12 for $2 each*

  2. Birthday party favors – CHECK!

  3. Thank you! Cool mom points and b-day party favors, plus enough that I don’t get mad when she gives them away or trades them for junk!

  4. Totally using these to bribe my kid. 😉

  5. we put some in pinata (mixed in with candy) this year and kids went bonkers!

  6. I have been looking for these at a good price for the company party–I might be a hero to all the employees’ kids for the whole evening! Thanks Mir!

  7. My daughter’s birthday party is in a couple of weeks- these are perfect party favors! Thanks! 🙂

  8. I can tell I have no kids… I just don’t GET this!

    Hey you kids! Get out of my yard!

  9. I have no idea if these are popular here or not, but my daughter turns 6 in a month and these will make great party favors. Of course I bought 2 sets because they will inevitably get lost!

  10. Loved them until I started finding them randomly all over the house and car. Then after a while just started throwing them away! Nice mom gone mean:)

  11. Children of the ’80s: do you remember those rubber band bracelets everyone had? Black was esp popular w/kids I knew. My parents were dead against those. In fact, my dad even called them “silly bands”! Being uncool, I never had those (or jelly shoes!). 20 odd years later, I’m the one doing the complaining, but I’m silly enough to go buy them for my daughter!

  12. Just bought over 200 silly bands. I must be nuts! But they make great party favors or bribes!

  13. Awesome – party favors for my teen’s bday!

  14. I would stock up on these for school rewards, but I’m still hoping they’re be band. I mean banned. I’m a mean one, Mr. Grinch!

  15. On the fence. On the one hand, 2 sets comes to about 92 cents each. Good price for very cool party favors–so long as they aren’t banned from the classroom. On the other hand, what do I do with the other 5 packs?

  16. i bought 3 sets of those suckers for party favors, like has been mentioned, but i think brilliant idea of the day goes to gretchen for throwing them in the pinata! that way you get a mix of bands, not just a bunch of one theme. thanks for sharing! now, to make peace with the idea that i just bought a boatload of rubber bands….

  17. I just bought 3 sets. File under: Woot?

  18. Way to make me the cool aunt – thanks!

  19. whilst at woot, what do i see?
    just this t-shirt that makes me hee-hee.

    that could have been the stupidest thing i have ever posted. but the t-shirt makes me crack up.

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