Deals on DS games

By Mir
July 12, 2010

I always forget that there’s weekly deals at Best Buy, but then sometimes I go check and am pleasantly surprised. Like today, for example—if you check out the Video Game Deals, you’ll see a link to Buy 1, get 1 Half Price Nintendo DS games. Free shipping on this deal, too.

Who couldn’t use a couple more games to keep the kids busy in the car during summer travel? Well, maybe you don’t need ’em. But I’ll happily take those nice, quiet Nintendo-fueled drives where I can get them, thanks.


  1. Man, DS games are pricey! Just got a DS for my daughter last month. Thankfully, she convinced me to go to Toys R Us to “look” at games this weekend, and they have a HUGE selection of $20 games. We were so excited, and even found a $15 Barbie Horse Adventure game. Maybe the “coolest” aren’t $20, but we don’t know the difference 🙂

  2. Thank you for this post!!!! My son’s bday is next month and all he wants is the Soul Silver and Heart Gold Pokemon games for his DS. At $40 each he wasn’t going to get both but with this deal I gave in. He will be happy and it will save me $20 in the long run! Thanks again.

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