Positively Pyrex

By Mir
July 12, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Over the last few years I’ve successfully transitioned most of my food storage containers over to glass rather than plastic, and I have a few Pyrex baking dishes, too, but there’s always some occasion when I go for my trusty lasagna baker and realize it’s already in the fridge with leftovers in it.

I offer this by way of explanation as to why I got so excited when I saw this 17-piece Pyrex set at Target for just $29.99 shipped. It’s everything you need—a measuring cup, loaf pan, and pie plate, plus four round storage containers and three lidded casserole dishes. Round out your collection or pick it up as a everyone-can-use-this wedding gift. Or do both.

Even better? There’s a new 10% available, too. Use code TOEY738U to get the whole shebang for around $27.


  1. woohoo! thank you! my messy and disorganized kitchen cabinet thanks you.

  2. Shoot, out of stock already. Well, probably that is for the best, considering how full my cupboards are.

  3. Oh, is that what it means, Swistle? I keep clicking “add to cart” and it says, “Added 1 item to cart. 0 items in cart.” Eh? Perhaps Target could work on their phrasing.

  4. I agree Swistie, I debated it for a minute even though my kitchen is tiny with zero cabinet space, but since it says out of stock I don’t need to worry about it! LOL

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