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By Mir
July 12, 2010
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Last year was the first year my daughter had to wear a uniform to school, and I dutifully went out and bought her a variety of acceptable polos and khakis, and by halfway through the year, almost everything I’d purchased was falling apart. So I bought some more pieces, this time actually, you know, paying attention to the brand and the fabric composition. It turns out that those all-cotton polos I’d purchased don’t really stand up to washing nearly so well as a poly-cotton blend, for example. And it furthermore turns out that when a company specializes in uniforms, they generally know what they’re doing.

This is all preface to telling you that French Toast has been outfitting kids in school uniforms for a really long time, and they know what they’re doing. I bought this khaki scooter last year and umpteen-hundred washes later it still looks new. I was so impressed with its durability, when French Toast contacted me and offered to send me a few pieces to try out, I was very excited to order some shirts to see if they hold up equally well. We received this one and this one, and so far they’ve come through the initial wash without any shrinking or pilling. My daughter loves that they’re clearly made for girls, rather than being the boxy boy-fit of most polos we’ve found, and I’m looking forward to them lasting an entire year (or longer).

In short: I’m sold. Why should you care? Well, one lucky Want Not reader is going to receive their choice of three entire outfits from French Toast—you select the tops and bottoms you’d like to receive, and just like that, your uniform shopping for the year is practically complete!

Want a shot at winning? First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, July 15th, 2010 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and crispness of pleats.

Ready? Go!


  1. This would be fantastic for my uniform wearing girl!

  2. That scooter is adorable. And durable too. Sold!

  3. how awesome! school is fast approaching and my little one has grown about an inch since school let out, now let’s see if we can get him to wear polos. (our school allows tees too)

  4. I’d love to win. Thanks!

  5. Yes, please! 2 girls in uniforms = this would help a lot!

  6. Me! Me! Random Uniform Picker-Outer, ME!!!

  7. Niece starting school this year. Free uniforms would be so nice.

  8. Yes, please! My son can rip out the knees in a pair of uniform pants in no time flat (current record: 2 wearings), so this would be wonderful!

  9. My kids don’t wear uniforms yet, but I have a friend who could really use this!

  10. This would be GREAT! 🙂

  11. I always buy my daughter’s uniform blouses at French Toast. This would get us started well for next year!

  12. smashing!

  13. Yes, please!

  14. oooh – never heard of french toast. but i’m liking it. a LOT.

  15. Ooh – I would LOVE to win this one!

  16. Our school does not require uniforms but oh my mom-heart would LOVE to end the morning “what do I wear” discussion.

  17. My son is just starting kindergarten and he needs to wear uniforms. This would help so much!

  18. Oh, this would be such a lifesaver for me! My soon-to-be first grader insists on growing despite my pleas to please fit into her uniforms for one more season. Because last year’s uniforms? Still look brand new. We bought French Toast last year and will again this year… unless the Random Number Generator is good to me. 🙂


  19. Oh, Mir! You are soo sooo pretty! And I have FOUR children that need uniforms this year. I agree that uniform brands last longest! Thanks!

  20. BOTH of my kids are switching over to uniforms this year…I need a few FREE uniforms.

  21. This would be fantastic!

  22. I wish we didn’t have uniforms at all, but since we do, free uniforms would be the best kind!

  23. We’re buying uniforms for the first time this year. Would love dome free ones, but thanks for the review on French Toast, as well!!!

  24. I have two girls in uniforms- this would be awesome! Thanks!

  25. I was just lamenting at a birthday party yesterday about how we were having to start from scratch this year with uniforms…my son starts kindergarten and my daughter outgrew every single one from last year!

  26. Wow, great contest!

  27. This is our first year with uniforms and it would be lovely to win this!
    And my pleats are crisp.

  28. Thanks!

  29. Oh yay! I have a uniform-wearing neice and nephew, and work at a uniform school! 🙂

  30. Oh, count me in! Our school just switched to uniforms last year.

  31. I love the quality of their clothes

  32. I have two now in need of uniforms soon to be three. Pick meeeeee Pleassssse.

  33. Thanks. This would be great for my soon to be 2nd grader.

  34. I have one of my four children who will need uniforms this year–and only for this year, as next year she will be attending a different school and will not be required to wear uniforms. Would love to win these so that she could wear some well made uniforms that could be passed on to another family next year! So, throw me in with the others who say “pick me!” Thanks, Mir and Thanks French Toast!

  35. Awesome! My daughter starts K in the Fall!

  36. Oooh. That would be fantastic! Thank you!

  37. Mir, I’ll wear your colors anytime! Thank you!!

  38. Hesitated on entering since my kids’ school does not require uniforms. Those pieces would make great dress clothes though…which are always needed! Thanks!

  39. Great deal! Terrific.

  40. My kids don’t even wear uniforms but the clothes look great!

  41. This would be such a great jump start on having to buy uniforms for middle school this year. Thank you

  42. I would be happy to win!

  43. Great contest!

  44. What great timing! Just thinking about uniform shopping! Hope to win this one!!!

  45. I’m all uniformed up for this year (I’ve been watching sales), but this site is a GREAT find! Their prices are wonderful and I will remember them for pants and shorts for next year. I’d still like to win some of those cute jumpers, though.

  46. A chance to win great clothes for my fast growing daughter…what could be better?

  47. Me me me, I have two kindergartners to dress for fall.

  48. What a great prize to win. This would help out so much with our school budget. Thanks!

  49. thank you!

  50. We have our first year of uniforms next year, so this would certainly be handy. And, my pleats are very pressed-military precision ironing in my house!

  51. First year of uniforms for my little girl next year!

  52. Ohhh — pick me!

  53. This would be a blessing!!

  54. This would be a huge, huge blessing for us as my daughter is starting school in the fall and we haven’t had the money to order her uniforms yet. And French Toast is where her school gets them from, so even better!

  55. Would love to get these for our daughter who starts school for the first time in the fall.

  56. Mir, you are soooo pretty. Thanks for the chance!

  57. ME ME ME

  58. Wow, awesome prize! That would be great to win.

  59. Every mama’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed kid!

  60. I have 2 teenagers who need uniforms for this year. School starts in 3 WEEKS!!! I didn’t know French Toast made teen sizes! I hope I win! 😉

  61. I don’t need to win this (so go on to the next). But doesn’t Lands End also have good quality uniforms? I know, you’re pushing French Toast now, and they’re wonderful. They are. But as Chickie outgrows them, look to Lands End.

  62. What a great prize! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  63. Yes, please!

  64. sweet, new clothes for school are always good

  65. This is the best contest ever!

  66. I would LOVE to win!

  67. All 3 of my kids need new uniforms this year, so this would be great! Thanks

  68. Pick me!!!!

  69. This would be fantastic with 3 of my 5 children in school this year! I would love the chance to win!

  70. Wow, this would be awesome! Every little bit helps. Been looking at uniform prices with despair…

    This is a great prize, thank you!!

  71. Fantastic. Hope to win this.

  72. would love to win this!! actually need it!!

  73. I am taking my daughter shopping tomorrow for school uniforms. I’m pretty sure that there is not enough wine in the world to settle my nerves after that little outing. Although I’m sure I will give it a try. This would be so cool to win… because I seriously doubt that our trip tomorrow will be the only one I have to make!

  74. Sounds great.

  75. would love to win a uniform for my favorite little guy!

  76. We’d love to win!

  77. My kid starts wearing a uniform this fall. This would be great!

  78. Both my kids wear uniforms and both are growing like crazy. Ugh.

  79. I was just getting on line to look for uniforms! Only 3 1/2 weeks until school starts here!!!

  80. I have 3 boys I am outfitting in uniforms. Durability need is an understatement

  81. Yes, please!!! I have a bunch of kiddos and we’ve got to make the clothes last from one child to another!

  82. Kindergarten girl and 1st grade boy to outfit this year. Boy, could I use something that will stand up to washing.

  83. this would help out alot! thanks

  84. Uniform dressing on school mornings = painless. Paying for (quality) uniforms = ouch. Free uniforms? YES, PRETTY PLEASE.

  85. Free uniforms that actually last???? Sign me up!!!

  86. great contest, thanks for the opportunity.

  87. Would love to win. Uniform clothes are great for field trips.

  88. These would be great for the granddaughter.

  89. For our 3 boys, clothes really have to be sturdy!

  90. Now that we have two that need uniforms, I could really use this 🙂

  91. Oh I have 2 in uniform that could use this….

  92. oh, I need this!!!

  93. Sweet! Sign me up. My oldest will definitely use this.

  94. Got 2 in uniforms so this would be SWEET!

  95. Sweet! Golf shirts!

  96. Would love to finally win one of these – please pick us!

  97. My bean sprout is in need. Thanks!!

  98. Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!

  99. This would be a big help.

  100. With little ones in school, three free uniforms would be wonderful!

  101. Oh, my boys wear out their pants so quickly! I will never turn down an opportunity to win them good-quality clothing!

  102. Yes please!

  103. oh oh pick me! pick me! my sons pants seems to have shrunk this summer ( in denial about him going to 6th grade…middle school, gulp)

  104. Church clothes! YES!!!!

  105. My little guy could definitely use some pants!

  106. (timidly raising hand) Yes, please.

  107. Pretty please! The clothes I put away in the Spring never fit in the Fall!

  108. i know little boys who could use some snazzy new duds for school

  109. This is very timely, pretty Mir. We are changing schools from a non-uniform school to a uniform-only school and this would be awesome-tastic. Thanks!!

  110. With twins starting kindergarten and a husband out of work, this would be AWESOME!!!!! Thank you!

  111. Who couldn’t use free clothes! Count me in!

  112. Just heard about French Toast today. So excited since I have a Kindergarten starting this fall.

  113. My wife said wearing uniforms for 12 years was awesome, now we are buying some for our kids. And I love winning stuff.

  114. pick me! Oooo! Right here! lol

  115. Cool–my son needs new clothes for next year. Thanks!

  116. I would love to win! The only thing better than free clothes would be if it also came with actual French Toast to eat 🙂

  117. Yea! Free clothes.

  118. thanks, Mir 🙂

  119. Perfect!

  120. Thanks for the entry!

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