If this makes me a hippie, I’m ok with that

By Mir
July 15, 2010

One of today’s featured deals at 6pm.com is up to 80% off Simple shoes.

If you don’t know Simple, they’re based in California, and they have tons of vegan-friendly options, and they use recycled materials, and their leather offerings are eco-certified, and yes, they’re kind of treehuggers.

They also make the most comfortable pair of sneakers I’ve ever owned, and if I needed to learn to braid hemp in order to keep my feet in them, I totally would. They’re that comfy.

Of course, I just died from the cuteness of some of their kids’ shoes, too, so now it’s like I love them twice as much. If that’s possible while being dead, that is.


  1. OMGosh they are so cute!! I got two pair for myself with tax and shipping for $47. Thank you!

  2. Okay, this isn’t about today’s sale, but it is about what arrived in the mail from 6pm yesterday.
    You are my new favorite person. Because I got these for THIRTY DOLLARS last week. And they fit my enormous calves. And they’re sooooo soft and comfy, but they don’t have that “comfy shoe look”. My teacher-feet thank you.

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