Hey hey, Friday

By Mir
July 16, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I went to an actual store yesterday. It was so… annoying. Remind me not to do that again, will you? I want to stick to shopping from home in my pajamas, the way God intended for lazy people like me.

On the flip side, yesterday my Soap.com order arrived, just two days after I’d ordered! (I got to order before they officially opened, because I’m special.) (No, just because they were hoping I would test it out and love it and tell you about it. Mission accomplished!) Don’t forget that you can use code WANT4632 for 15% off your first order, and shipping on $49+ is always free. I had no trouble getting up to $49. (I found Ziploc freezer bags to be excellent “fillers” once I got close to the limit, heh.)

I’ve just about given up on the Amazon Friday Sale, but they are having a Summer Toy Event that’s probably worth checking out (particularly if yesterday’s Hasbro deal got you in the mood to start holiday shopping). I see some excellent prices, particularly on select Plan Toys, which don’t tend to go on sale all that often.

Today’s deals at 6pm.com go beyond the usual shoe steals—though they have those as well—and also extend to some really, really cute pajamas and even some pretty lingerie. Further proof that you can get just about anything at 6pm, I guess.

My love for everything LittleMissMatched continues unabated, and right now they have $5 flip flops and a their Summer Sale is slashing prices right and left. You should me a girl who doesn’t love their wacky styles and I’ll show you… ummm… a boy. There’s your gender stereotyping for the day, I guess. (No hate mail! Just kidding!)

Okay, Friday, I have to go do some stuff. But I’m keeping my eye on you, and I may be back later.


  1. Boston Store, in Milwaukee, was clearing out all of the Little MissMatched stuff two summers ago for 85% off. My Mom bought my kid, underwear,under shirts, t-shirts, socks, flip flops and a tote bag. The quality of that stuff is great, second or equal to Hanna Anderson.

    I am going in now to stock up on boy leg underwear and pjs

  2. Ha! I feel the same way about shopping in an actual store-you have to go there, and look, and wait in line, grr argh!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Soap.com. I just placed an order. The products include some harder to find items that I usually have to shop around for. And if everything gets here in great condition with no shipping charges, I will loudly sing yours and their praises. I’ll let you know in a few days. Thanks again.

  4. I placed an order with soap.com last evening. They took my order over the phone – after I did all my looking online – because I’m old and all. And because I couldn’t believe the visual on one deal I found. Anyway, my order has not yet arrived, but I am looking forward to loving this site. Thanks, Mir!

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