Like to play with fire?

By Mir
July 19, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I think the best gift I ever got as a kid was a magnifying glass… and the accompanying lesson about how you could use it to set things on fire. Um, that sentence looks really incriminating, now that I go back and read it. I just liked setting leaves on fire, and stuff. Um. I’m going to stop talking about this, now.

If you like fire, and have been waiting for a deal on a backyard fire pit, today may be your day. Over at Target there are two deeply discounted options—first, there’s the cast iron brick-finish fire pit for $60 (formerly $170), or alternatively, there’s the ornate fire bowl for $52 (formerly $150). And don’t forget coupon code TOEY738U for another 10% off!

Unfortunately, you can’t get free shipping on either of these, so be prepared to spend another $15-$20 on that, but still. Even with shipping, that’s a huge discount.

And it’s a lot more socially acceptable to have a pretty fire pit than to be down on your knees with a magnifying glass. I mean, I assume.


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