Bedding galore

By Mir
July 21, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I sort of hate to keep coming back to the Target Daily Deals (can’t she find us anything else? I can hear someone saying), but they just keep being fabulous, so here we are. Like today—they’ve got two different InStyle dorm kits, containing both sheets and towels—plus savings on a couple of different bedding sets and a down comforter. It’s a beddingpalooza! It’s beddingtastic! It’s supercalibeddingisticexpialidocious!

And I’ve had a lot of coffee. In other words, business as usual. Don’t forget coupon code TOEY738U for another 10% off.


  1. Mir! off topic (sort of) and unmissed, probably, but he JCP wednesday specials are missing! Okay, I should quantify that: *I* can’t find them anywhere on the site. My bookmark is useless now, AND now where will I find more oddly big-eyed rooster themed kitchen decor?

    Um…don’t answer that.

    Oh, on an even more OT thingie: When amazon did their magazine special, I got a science mag that is so cool, so well done, it screams science aspie. Dunno if that’s the kind you have, but let’s just say that my autie’s doc just ordered the mag for his waiting rooom. Of course, I can’t recall the exact title…have to get back to you on that. *sigh*


  2. In the Target dorm sets why on earth do they contain two fitted sheets? Why not one flat and one fitted? They also need more details about what exactly is in there – like how many and what size towels!

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