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By Mir
July 24, 2010
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I’m still cleaning out the closet in my office, which means that there’s any number of goodies in there which I am rediscovering, and on the heels of each discovery is the same thought, “Um, I really don’t need this.” But my urge to declutter is your chance to win, so that’s (possibly) good news for you!

Okay, so, the thing I was excited to find in there for giveaway is a pair of Cleatskins, these Croc-like overshoes designed to be worn over athletic cleats. If you don’t have a kid you’re probably wondering why in the world anyone would want these, but the truth is that every mother who’s ever had clumps of turf left all over her car and kitchen can attest that these are simply brilliant in terms of minimizing mess. These were sent to me a while back when I reviewed them for Cool Mom Picks, and then my son promptly quit soccer. So. Brand new pair of Cleatskins, in (unisex) royal blue, size Small (shoe size 2-3.5).

That’s a pretty sweet prize, but also somewhat limiting because of the size thing. I didn’t want to offer up just one prize when so many people probably don’t have a way to use it. So, as a second—but completely unrelated—option, I also have a Bounce Outdoor Fresh Dryer Bar available. (That link is to a double-pack at Amazon; I just have one.) This baby sticks in your dryer drum and provides static control and freshness for four months, and I think I picked this up at BlogHer last year right before my daughter’s dermatologist told us to stop using fabric softeners of any kind. So.

Two cool products; two winners! Want to win one of them? It’s easy! First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment telling me which one you’d like to win by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Monday, July 26th, 2010 to be entered. If you don’t tell me which one you want your entry is invalid. As always, I’ll use the random number generator and otherwise harness the karma of the universe to determine the winners.

Ready? Go!


  1. Dryer bar! 😀

  2. dryer bar

  3. Ohh ya, I’d love to win the dryer bar! Thanks Mir!

  4. I’d like the dryer bar.

  5. Oh- the dryer ball would be perfect!!

  6. Cleat Skins, please!

  7. I would love the dryer bar, I have been wanting to try it anyways. Thanks!

  8. I’ve been curious about those dryer bars.

  9. The cleatskins would be perfect!

  10. My son is just starting soccer this fall! We’d love the cleatskins.

  11. Dryer bar please.

  12. The cleatskins would be very helpful (I think)

  13. Cleat skins!

  14. oh yes, the dryer bar. Smells soooo good

  15. CleatSkins, Please!

  16. Dryer bar please

  17. Love those dryer bars!

  18. Thanks for the option on prizes. While the cleat skins sound intriguing, as a non-Mom, I opt for the dryer bars. Now, THOSE I can use. Thank you!

  19. Dryer bar. Although as a side note, the cleat covers would come in handy here at the house, except for one small problem. my 17 year old has HUGE feet and there would never fit.

    So, dryer bar…

  20. The dryer bars are wonderful!

  21. Why can’t I think of things like the cleatskins? neat idea…but alas, no small feet–except the dog’s in this house. Limits the possibilities to the dryer bar, please and thank you


  22. I would love to win the dryer bar! Thanks!

  23. I’ve been curious about those dryer bars!

  24. I want the bounce!

  25. Dryer bar please!

  26. dryer bar!

  27. Cleatskins would be awesome. My son starts football 8/2 and wears a size 2 so this would be perfect for us!!

  28. Dryer bar!

  29. Dryer Bar!

  30. i would love to win some tide

  31. Ooohh, dryer bar would be neat to try!

  32. cleatskins would be awesome!

  33. I would love that dryer bar please. They’re fabulous.

  34. LOL. random stuff from Mir’s closet. Awesome.

  35. Dryer bar please

  36. i would love the dryer bar please!!!:)

  37. I’ll go with the cleatskins – we’ll be there eventually!

  38. Dryer bar please!

  39. Bounce dryer bar, please!

  40. Ooh, I’ve been wanting to try that dryer bar!

  41. I’d like the dryer bar, please.

  42. My 4 yo daughter would love to try the cleatskins! Thanks!

  43. My minivan wants desperately to win those cleatskins…

  44. Cleat skins perfect size for my fall soccer kiddo!

  45. Two boys in soccer, you can bet I’d love the cleat skins!

  46. would love to try the dryer bar.

  47. I’ve wanted to try that dryer bar….thanks!

  48. dryer bar

  49. Dryer bar!

  50. Cleatskins please 🙂

  51. they both sound cool but I guess the dryer bar would help for more…

  52. Dryer bar please. And thank you.

  53. The dryer bar!

  54. Cleatskins please! My minivan will thank you…

  55. cleatskins!

  56. Dryer bar pretty please!

  57. I’ve been wanting to try the dryer bar!

  58. Cleatskins would be great!!!

  59. Ooooh, cleatskins for my very messy soccer playing daughter! Thanks!

  60. I’d love to try the dryer bar – thanks Mir!

  61. I would like the dryer bar, please!

  62. I’ve been wanting to try the dryer bar!

  63. Dryer bar please.

  64. dryer bar for me, please!

  65. The dryer bar, please!

  66. Cleatskins rule!

  67. The dryer bar please! (if I don’t win, I’d love to see the winner review it! I’ve been curious about those.)

  68. Cleat skins, please!

  69. I’d really like the dryer bar, but methinks my chances are better with the Cleatskins…..Let’s go Cleatskins!

  70. Dryer bar, please!

  71. Dryer bar! 🙂

  72. Cleatskins!!!

  73. The Bounce Outdoor Fresh Dryer Bar is what I want to win.

  74. dryer bar please!

  75. cleat skins! Thanks!

  76. I want to win the cleat skins! Thank you 🙂

  77. Just signed the little one up for soccer need the cleatskins!!!

  78. Cleat skins please!

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