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By Mir
July 26, 2010
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Want Not reader Amy isn’t just pretty, she’s pretty and she happens to be a stylist with Stella & Dot, which means that she sells really funky jewelry via home parties and on the ‘net. She came to me with an idea for a contest, and who am I to say no to free (cool) stuff?

So! This week one lucky Want Not reader is going to win these delicate drop earrings, courtesy of Amy. And who knows—maybe in looking around her site, you’ll find something else pretty that you can’t live without.

Want to win ’em? First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, July 29th, 2010, telling me which piece of Stella & Dot jewelry you like best to enter. (I spent about an hour on the site and found it a tough decision, but as long as I’m fantasizing, I hope someone picks up this pearl bib necklace for me. Did I mention my birthday’s coming up? Hee.)

As always, one entry per person, winner to be determined by random number generation, and hundreds will enter but only one will win. Ooooh, the suspense!

Ready? Go!


  1. I’m with you on the pearl bib necklace.

  2. Very pretty blingy things! I like all of the Bold necklaces, but I think my favorite is the Riviera Coin Necklace.

  3. LOVE stella & dot. I got the beautiful Jasmine Filigree (silver) earrings for my b-day. I’m currently wishing for the Josephine cascade earrings as well. Such pretty stuff!

  4. I like the deco drop earrings, beautiful!

  5. Beautiful! Hope I win! 🙂

  6. If jewelry’s involved, I’m in!

  7. I love Stella and Dot, I received the Garden Party Dot earrings for my birthday and they are on heavy rotation! If money was no object I would love the Devi or Bardot Spiral bangle.

  8. The Turquoise Sea necklace just went on my wishlist of hints for my birthday later this year.

  9. Devi CZ Hoop Earrings or the Fringe Hoop Earrings are my faves!

  10. I’m loving the bracelets. Hard to pick just one. I’ll go with the coin pearl bracelet, but it’s a tough call!

  11. Yes, please! 🙂

  12. I love jewelry but seldom remember to put any on. Except for earrings, I feel dressed up with earring on .. I loved the Azure couture earrings (and also the ones in the contest)
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. So pretty!! Please pick me!

  14. The Aimee Locket Necklace is my favorite, but what a tough choice!

  15. i love the pearl drop earrings — so simple, elegant and versatile!

  16. I like the Baby Flower Post Earrings. I got fancy-frame glasses and have been looking for stud earrings that don’t make my head accessories too over-the-top.

  17. I love the Chloe necklace!

  18. oooh, pretty!
    Metropolitan Mixed Chain Necklace is gorgeous!

  19. Aimee Locket Necklace!!! Would love to carry my kids’ pics with me 🙂

  20. great stuff!

  21. Love, love, love the Ella Dove Necklace! I also love how many have already managed to not follow the directions for entering 🙂

  22. Love the Starfish necklace…

  23. Oh, I love the Priya Flower Pendant Necklace w/Drops, and the drop earrings are awesome as well!

  24. Beautiful.

    I love the NOLITA NECKLACE.

    Thanks Mir!

  25. I’m in!

  26. Baby Pave Hoop Earrings-thanks, Mir!

  27. Gorgeous stuff!

  28. jewelry?? count me in! thanks

  29. Oooh. Pretty. :o)

  30. Love the foundation bracelets — beautiful, and support charity? Ding ding ding.

  31. brooch necklace!

  32. I Love Love the Colette necklace; however, I like it all!

  33. Beautiful stuff. My anniversary is coming up. I think some earrings would be a nice gift!

  34. I like the turquoise sea one but they are all pretty.

  35. natasha embroidered bib necklace, hands down.

  36. Devi bangle bracelet! In gold and/or silver. Very cute. Thanks for the contest.

  37. Love the Fringe Hoop Earrings

  38. You always have wonderful contests!

  39. I am loving the Signature Clover Necklace.

  40. Pretty jewelry is what I am using for smoke and mirrors for my abnormally large pregnant belly at 16 weeks:) Any help would be appreciated!

  41. I like the Audrey Cluster Bracelet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. I’m with Courtney, the Audrey Cluster Bracelet is just amazing.

  43. yes, please!

    I love jewels!

  44. I don’t think I can choose just one favorite. But if I must…I’m loving the Threaded Coin Pearl necklace. Beautiful!!!

  45. I love me some Stella and Dot. I own the yellow flower ring (not sure of the name) and adore it!

  46. I just had my ears re-pierced a month ago! Perfect timing for me to win these earrings!!

  47. So much beauty to choose from but if cornered, tied down and made to choose I’d choose the Stella Vintage Link Necklace.

  48. I love the Charmed Life and Ella Dove necklaces. I can’t pick a favorite!

  49. I love, love the Bloom Flower Ring in yellow!

  50. Wow, that pearl necklace is quite a piece! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  51. Too many beautiful things to choose from! I would have to say that my favorite is the “delicate drop earrings”. Considering that my favorite item is the one you are giving away should count for something, huh? I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  52. Chloe necklace here.

  53. I like the Bloom charm necklace. But I’m drawn to the Owl necklace, I think It reminds me of going through my grandma’s jewelry box

  54. I would give that Coin Pearl bracelet a very happy home…

  55. I would love the Petra fringe earrings for a night out on the town!

  56. I love the Sayulita Statement Necklace — Brown

  57. Ooh, I love the Audrey cluster bracelet! Thank you for the chance!

  58. The Audrey Cluster bracelet. I love that.

  59. I love stella and dot, their stuff is so cute!

  60. I love the Starfish Earrings- Silver. Gorgeous!

  61. The Deco drop earrings are beautiful!

  62. Likey!

  63. I love love the Audrey Cluster Bracelet which would go perfect with the earing…. i think anyways. 😉 So pick me!!

  64. I love the Kelly necklace and all of the bib necklaces. Such great jewelry!!!!

  65. Ooh! The Rachel necklace. Lovely.

  66. I totally put the Teardrop Scroll Earrings (in silver) on my wish list because I LOVE them. Hope I win!

  67. I like the deco drop earrings.

  68. I love the give away earrings. I wear gold and it is hard to find pretty gold jewelry.

  69. Oh I love the Signature Clover Chandelier in Silver. Thanks

  70. I like the gold leaf earrings the best!

  71. I love the Devi cz hoop earrings in silver. Oooh, pretty.

  72. I like the Deco Drop Earrings. Very classy and classic! Thanks!

  73. Oh why did you have to introduce this site? Danger, danger! I love the stackable rings- namely the art deco ones. If I dont win this one, I will be surely blowing my birthday money here!!!

  74. Lovely

  75. The Gabrielle Citrine Necklace!

  76. What choices! i can’t even truly decide….but my most favoritest are the Jasmine Round Flourite ring, and the birthstone briolette charms in citrine! Gorgeousness.

  77. Must have the LATTE earrings – beautiful stuff!

  78. ‘Em are some purty earrangs! LOL

  79. Wow! Purty! I think my favorite is the Jenna Pearl & Ribbon Necklace.

  80. The Gilda necklace is gorgeous! Great earrings, too. Thanks!

  81. I like the freshwater pearl dangle earrings! The giveaway earrings are very pretty too though! 🙂

  82. I like the grace pearl earrings and also the dot hoop earrings.

  83. Very elegant!

  84. I love the Signature Clover Cuff-Silver!

  85. Love them, and would love winning them even more!

  86. I think they’re all gorgeous, but I keep going back to the Chelsea necklace in hematite.

  87. These are gorgeous pieces. There are many that I like, so I had to do an eenie-meenie…and I chose: the Riviera Pendant Necklace! Although I have to say that the Jolie Cocktail ring really knocked my socks off too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  88. oops, forgot to mention my favorites- the earrings you showed were beautiful, but the Audrey cluster necklace is incredible and would be my first choice.

  89. Jewelry cool pick me…

  90. I love Stella and Dot too and literally have no earrings at this point in my life!!! Pick me! I also love the grace pearl earrings.

  91. Beautiful is right !!
    A favorite-I love the Charlize Bib Necklace
    The contest earring are a PRIZE too!! thank you

  92. I am absolutely in LOVE with the Musette necklace! (apparently everyone else is too as it is out of stock…)

  93. I love the dot disc necklace.

  94. Thinking about getting the Audrey Cluster Necklace – so classic yet trendy, too!

  95. My favorite is Ella Dove necklace. But I wouldn’t mind the earrings either.

  96. Love the stackable deco earrings. So lovely.

  97. One of my faves is the Grace Pearl Bauble Bracelet….but they do have soooo many pretty things!!!

  98. Oh, so very pretty, thanks for the chance to win it!

  99. I love them! Thanks

  100. metropolitan mixed chain = LOVE. thanks for the wonderful contest!

  101. oh, so pretty.

  102. I love the Deco Drop earrings, but the Baby Pave Hoops would probably be worn like a uniform! Such pretty things!


  104. I like the Riviera Pendant Necklace. Pretty!

  105. Beautiful! Thanks – Jessica

  106. Very pretty!

  107. It’s hard to choose just one . . . so I’d pick two. The gold Chelsea necklace for myself, and the Kristin Charm Necklace for my daughter, cause it’s so darn cute.

  108. ooooooo the Audrey Cluster Bracelet (I feel like Dory in Finding Nemo – pick me! oo oo pick me!)

  109. I actually love the Delicate Drop Earrings!

  110. I love the signature clover chandelier earrings… in silver.

  111. Love the stackable band rings.

  112. My favorite is the Bloom Flower Ring in black & silver. So pretty!

  113. My arm is dying for the sloane bracelet, but my ears would also be thrilled with the pretty earrings!

  114. The Tulum Turquoise Coin Necklace. I have a shirt that it would match perfectly!

  115. It’s a tough choice but I LOVE the Audrey Cluster bracelet. Thanks!

  116. I think the Jenna Teardrop Earrings are different and unique, love that!

  117. Got sooooo excited forgot to post my favorite MIRa Bangles set of three Silver

  118. Her stuff is beautiful. I love the Nolita Necklace, but I also love the Jasmine Filigree Necklace in Silver…when’s Christmas?

  119. I try and I try…

    The Colette Necklace – Silver is something I would wear a lot.

  120. Oooooo, I LOVE the Riviera Coin Necklace- Mixed!

  121. Really love the dot disc necklace. I’m a simple girl. 🙂

  122. I love the Azure couture earrings. Thanks. I could use some new jewels!

  123. The Deco Drop earrings are fabulous!

  124. Lovely! Count me in.

  125. Oh dear. I like two. The Charlotte Statement necklace and the threaded coin pearl necklace.

    Sheesh. I’ve bookmarked this page for showing the family when Christmas rolls around.

  126. The Delicate Drop earrings totally do it for me! Would love to be the lucky winner.

  127. Yay! Jewelry! All the stuff is great, but I think I like the Gilda necklace best!

  128. The Jasmine Filigree Necklace in silver is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the chance!

  129. Love the earrings!! I love the Jasmine Necklace!

  130. Thanks, Mir!

  131. I like it all!

  132. Oh – pretty! Thanks!

  133. So much cute stuff! I love the Sayulita Statement Necklace

  134. I’m totally a charm girl 🙂 I love the initial charms!

  135. I love the Audrey cluster bracelet, but also the petra braided bracelet. Oh man, I love so many pieces there!

  136. Sayulita Statement Necklace – Brown was my favorite, but for my girls, I love the Mini Soiree Bracelets – the colors are so beautiful.

  137. Holy crap, that Audrey cluster bracelet is gorgeous!

  138. I love the Bardot spiral bangle – it makes a statement without getting in my way.

  139. 1/2 hour later….there are so MANY wonderfully lovely sparkly things. But I love the Signature Dot Disc necklace. And the Gabrielle Citrine and…….

  140. Whoops – modifying entry 105 to indicate that I like the Metropolitan Mixed Chain Necklace, although most everything from S&D is lovely!

  141. I really like the La Coco Cupchain necklace.

  142. I would love to win! thanks

  143. Threaded Coin Pearl Necklace

  144. I love Stella & Dot. I own a few pieces but not the drop earrings.

  145. Those earrings are pretty!

  146. oooo sparkly!

  147. One of each please. But if I must choose: Gabrielle Citrine Necklace

  148. I may have to pick up the teardrop scroll earrings, my Daughter would love them as much as I do.

  149. Coin Pearl Bracelet is so pretty!

  150. I love the Chelsea necklaces – I think the hematite is the one I would usually gravitate to, but the gold one is beautiful also – and might match these pretty drop earrings!

  151. i love the ladybug studs

  152. that pearl bib necklace is beautiful!

  153. I love the pave bee pendant. What neat jewelery!

  154. I love the Love Disc Necklace!

  155. I would be much prettier if I had the Chelsea Necklace in Hematite.

  156. Oh I definitely love the Audrey Cluster Bracelet! thanks for hosting this contest!

  157. Bella Chameleon Hoop Earings in purple as shown.

  158. I’ve always wanted a statement necklace, and now I’m coveting that pearl bib necklace along with you. Damn.

  159. I like the Heirloom Deco Bracelet

  160. Wow, so difficult to choose one! I love the metropolitan mixed chain necklace (along with everything else!). What a fantastic contest!!!

  161. Oh My Gosh! I saw that pearl bib necklace and my instant reaction took my breath away! It is gorgeous!!!!!

  162. looks beautiful!

  163. Wow Stella & Dot has pretty, pretty things.

    My fav is Garden Party Chandelier Earrings- Green/Gold. Sooooo hard to chose.

  164. I love the starfish earrings. But I could have picked out so many things. Cute jewlery.

  165. Fun!! I needed a mid-afternoon coffee-break type excursion. But then I realized I could only choose one to be my favorite and I decided you are so! mean! Eventually I chose these deco dot earrings ( because they would make me feel fancy and the only dressy earrings I have are pearls. (Poor me.)

    Thanks for the contest and tell Amy my Insignificant Other thanks her for the birthday gift ideas. 🙂

  166. I love the Chelsea necklace!!

  167. I really love the Cross Stamp Necklace. I’ve been looking for a cross to wear every day.

  168. I’m loving the Adrienne necklace. So pretty! Tough, but feminine.

  169. I think that the Belle Fleur ring is just perfect! 🙂 Love it!

  170. I would TOTALLY (and probably will….) get that Fiona ring for my daughter… it’s ADORABLE!

  171. love it all! I love robots!

  172. Love these – the Chandelier Necklace looks amazing!

  173. I love the Riviera Pendant necklace!

  174. I love jewelry!! I want some. 🙂

  175. OMG forgot to tell you that I loved the glintz necklace! I was too excited about jewelry.

  176. I love the Bridgette Bauble necklace. Actually all of there stuff is pretty!

  177. I like the Bella Chameleon Hoop Earrings. It never occurred to me to put a charm on hoop earrings.

  178. Deco Drop Earrings are my favourite, to be sure.

  179. I love the Charlotte Statement Necklace. This jewelry is gorgeous!

  180. Who doesn’t love bling?!

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