Pamper baby before the month is over

By Mir
July 27, 2010

Remember the recent diaper deals at Amazon? Weren’t those kind of awesome?

Here’s another one, to leverage the savings before they’re gone.

Right now there’s an available $2 off Pampers coupon available through the end of July, which stacks on top of the limited-time Subscribe & Save bonus offer. Normally, S&S gives you free shipping and takes 15% off, but right now, it gives you free shipping and takes 30% off.

In summary: Discounted prices, 30% off and free shipping on top of that, and another $2 off for good measure. That’s one cheap case of diapers, is all I’m sayin’.


  1. In case anyone out there gets Parents Magazine, there’s a code in the July issue to get 20% off an amazon diaper purchase. And it’s stackable with these deals!!

    I just got a case of pampers for under $20!!

  2. Mandy – thanks for the heads up! I usually zero in on the Gymboree coupon! The Amazon diaper coupon is actually in the Aug 2010 issue (I tore the July issue apart before checking the Aug!). It is on an orange tear out card between pages 96 & 97. It’s a single user code. That combined w/all the other discounts is an amazing deal.

    For those of you on the look out for even more diaper deals, CVS pharmacy is offering $10 extra bucks rewards back on the purchase of Pampers Baby Dry, Swaddlers or Cruisers (big box 48-96). I scooped that one up as well!

  3. I was just going to post about the CVS deal too! What a great deal.

  4. items: $23.99
    Shipping & Handling: $13.90
    Subscription Discount -$7.20
    Free Shipping -$13.90
    Promotion Applied -$4.80

    Total Before Tax: $11.99
    Estimated Tax: $0.00

    Order Total: $11.99

    Seriously Mir, I love you! And your commenters! I just happened to have the Parents magazine that we got in the mail today, and it had the coupon! We use cloth at home, but Pampers at daycare. Thanks for the deal!!

  5. There is also a 20% off card after page 40 in the August Parenting, The Early Years magazine. I stacked them to get 50% off a Huggies box of 156, or $17.50 shipped. 10 cents/Huggies diaper? Okay!

  6. Heads up thought – the 20% coupon is good on only one case of diapers (I still bought three because it was a great deal with the subscribe and save discount) but just wanted to point that out because I was surprised at first 🙂

    I got $120 worth of diapers for $79 though which is awesome!

  7. Thank you! I had to hunt around a little bit to find eligible diapers, but I ended up with a $42 case for $19.50.

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