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By Mir
August 2, 2010
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Anyone who knows me knows that more than shoes, more than bacon, even more than chocolate, I love words. Handy, given my profession, to be sure. But seeing my kids learn to talk, learn to love stories, learn to read, learn to tell stories… that’s been pretty awesome.

Part of how we’ve always fostered that love in them is by having lots of books in the house at all times. Our bookshelves runneth over. But I firmly believe there is always room for just one (or two or three) more book(s).

Do you agree? This week one lucky Want Not reader is going to add a whole lot of words to a child’s life, courtesy of Scholastic. Our winner will receive both The Daddy Goose Treasury and the 2010 Scholastic Children’s Dictionary. Both are gorgeous books virtually guaranteed to make your kids love all things wordy.

Want to win ’em? Of course you do! First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, August 5th, 2010 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number drawing and favorite word. (Mine is obstreperous, by the way.)

Ready? Go!


  1. Always have room for more books in the house. And I have a tough time letting go of any, even after they’ve grown out of them. Still have “The Noo-Noo tidies up” even though we’re reading Harry Potter again.

  2. We’d love more books and those ones sound great! Favorite word (and longest I know…): pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconeosis (a disease caused by inhaling a fine silica dust) 🙂

  3. yay! books are my favorite thing to win– esp considering that i’m due this week and this baby does. not. want. to. come. out. maybe these would entice her?!?!?

  4. There are never enough books in this home.

  5. Kids can never have too many books.

  6. It makes my heart sing to hear sophisticated and descriptive words flow from the mouth of my newly 5 year-old! Bring on some “Daddy Goose!”

  7. I think my daughter might be a little old for these books, but I do have a young nephew with a birthday coming up! Thanks for the contest, Mir!

  8. My kids are TOTALLY into book- and these are just perfect for their ages!! Please pick me, Oh Pretty Mir!!

  9. Oooh…our bookshelves are in need of a re-do now that youngest is off to K5 and hopefully will be reading soon! If I win I will vow to finally get it done and donate our extras to a good cause…school library? Head Start? Local library?

    (Ok I will do this even if I don’t win, you have me)

    Favorite word: repulsive.

    Cause the 5-yr-old learned it on Word Girl when he was about 3 and used it to describe food he did not like. Hmmm, maybe you had to be there to see how funny that was.

  10. My twins would love these.

  11. Oooh, we are moving next week and are needing to stock the kiddie room with some good books. I still remember memorizing the word idiosyncrasy in the 3rd grade!

  12. love books.

  13. Ohh! Mine is ooid.

  14. Sports are currently neck and neck with books in our house, so new books always help! That said, the first time I heard incendiary was in “Almost Famous” and it has been my fave ever since!

  15. Mmm, books. 🙂

  16. Oh man, favorite word. That’s a toughie, I love them all. How about…pahoehoe? It’s a Hawaiian word for lava that has cooled into a smooth sheet, and lots of fun to say.

  17. Mine in English is bizarre.
    Spanish: izquierda

  18. Books are the best! My boys can never get enough! Favorite word? Hmmm…that’s too hard!

  19. My favorite word is antidisestablishmentarianism, of course.

  20. Love books!!! Favorite word? Onomatopoeia, cause it’s fun to say.

  21. Someone here is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks…that dictionary should would come in handy!!! Favorite word: Iridescent

  22. With a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old? My favorite word is “goodnight.” 🙂

  23. Mary Frann, I’m with you – I feel guilty getting rid of any books, even if I know I’m not going to re-read them.

  24. YAY for books! Favorite word: bibliophile 🙂

  25. trying hard to get my youngest to love reading as much as I do! She loves to write stories!

  26. I would love this!

    My favorite word has a story. My father was the editor of a college poetry magazine, and when I was a teenager, he would get me to help him by reading poetry submissions aloud, so he could hear them. One of the poems included the word (and I use the term loosely) “pulchritudinousness”. I’m not even kidding. That poem did not make the cut, but I do like the word pulchritude.

  27. We’d love to win this!

    My favorite word is quintessential.

  28. Books! I would always love to win books!

  29. Oh, yes please!

  30. My kids are voracious readers, we can always use more books. My favorite word is facetiously, as it has all the vowels in a order.

  31. So cool! I too make my living with the word-smithing and am working hard to make sure my kids appreciate words just as much.

  32. That is pretty awesome. I love scholastic!

  33. Zamboni!

  34. Oh, I’d love some books for my preschool room!

  35. Big fan of books for our kids! We have shelves in each of their rooms overflowing and then library books everywhere too! We have room for 2 more! 🙂

  36. Discombobulated! 🙂

  37. can never have too many books!! my favorite word is “superfluous.” it makes me feel smart when i use it. 🙂

  38. Oh books! There are never enough books to read 🙂

  39. We love books. We love them so much they’re taking over our household. We love them so much we continue acquiring more anyway. And I don’t know if I have a favorite word but I tend to use “acquire” a lot. I could just as easily say, “Sure, I’ll get that for you,” but for some reason it comes out as, “I’d be happy to acquire that for you.”

  40. I would love to read something to my son that does NOT contain any reference to superheroes, battle robots, or legos.

  41. oooh, books! more books! always more books!

  42. Looking forward to my favorite word(s): empty nest

  43. Yes, please!

  44. You bet I love books! And the word penultimate, but only when used correctly.

  45. My little ones would love these and my older ones would love reading to them!

  46. My heart just melts at the thought of having that dictionary in the house.

  47. Ooh, boy! I’d love to win some books!

  48. I would love to win some books!

  49. ooh i love this contest! favorite word: bibliophile 🙂

  50. I’d love to win these for my grands.

  51. We LOVE books. And the word “no” right now. Well she likes that word, I’m partial to “NOW!” Sigh.

  52. There is ALWAYS room for more books. (Except my 2.5yo is now in the “read it by self” mode, which means Mama doesn’t get to read much TO her. Maybe new books would change her mind.)

  53. my boy’s starting kinder in 1 month *sniff sniff* so these would be great! but no fave word, never thought about that!

  54. I would love to win these books for my son. He can never have enough. Thanks for the giveaway.

  55. How fun! Thanks for the chance! Favorite word… husband. :>)

  56. Books!! Yippee!! Oh, yes. I love persnickety. Not the trait, the word.

  57. Books are always great! I think my favorite words are seasonal – for example, in the cold, dreary winter of the Northwest, my favorite is definitely Maui. 🙂

  58. Gotta say, my favorite word is “free” 🙂

  59. We always need more books.

  60. It took me three kids, but I finally have one that loves books. 🙂 My daughter LOVES reading. Please enter me.

  61. Would love these for my kiddos!

  62. books, books, books!

  63. oooh, we love books! what an awesome contest!

  64. Love, love love me some books!

  65. There really is no such a thing as enough books…. my fav word is simple; LOVE. The most meaningful word in my life. 🙂

  66. We love books!

  67. My son is only 2 but he love, love, loves his books. I’ve even caught him reading to the cats on occasion. They seem pretty indifferent, unfortunately. My favorite word is Mama, but only when my son is saying to to me… :o)

  68. This sounds great!

  69. The first one that came to me was “prestidigitation,” which is weird because it’s not a word I’ve ever used in a sentence.

  70. thanks for the contest! my favorite word is OK. because it really makes no sense, and nobody can agree exactly where it came from.

  71. me!!

  72. My favorite word is thalidomide. It isn’t a pretty word but it’s fun to say.

  73. Books are great … although my kid ripped her first one yesterday! Do they come with a bookshelf that hovers at the top of the wall until they’re needed and then with a little magic word, drops down for us to pick the book? You know, Harry Potter style!

  74. I love books, and my favorite word is free! How lucky when the two come together!

  75. Books for my new baby would be divine!

  76. I’ll go with Katie, I think free is my fav word too!

  77. Books, glorious books. Thank you, pretty Mir.

  78. Thanks!

  79. Being unable to pick my own favorite word, I asked my daughter (8 years old). She said, “Diamond”. I think I’ve done a good job! 🙂

  80. My favorite word is discombobulated. It’s been my favorite word since Jr. High… so, like 20 years?

    I have 4 kids (well, 3 kids and 1 baby) that love reading. More books would make them all so happy! (And me, too, because when my kids are reading, they’re QUIET, which is always nice!)

  81. Pick me, please!

  82. Books are my favorite!! Yes, please!!

  83. we love books! right now my favorite word is lollygagging, but it changes on a regular basis.

  84. If I win this, I’m going to have you ship the books not to me, but to a friend who’s collecting books for the DC public library… it’s a memorial book drive in honor of her neighbor’s toddler daughter. Too sad. Also sad that the DC public library needs children’s books far more desperately than my book-rich son.

  85. Oooh I love books too!

    I tend to use my favorite word incorrectly on many occassions because I’m always looking for more chances to use it: twitterpated. I admit, that was a much cooler word before Twitter came along 😛

  86. We would love those books at our house! My favorite word is incandescent.

  87. Yay, books.

  88. I’ve always loved epiphany. And impermeable. And beluga.

    And of course, I love books.

  89. Never enough books!

  90. Great contest! Hope to win!

  91. Yes, please.

    PRETTY please. With sugar on top. 🙂

  92. my favorite word is Tartar…because I like the way it sounds when I say it, and it can be a sauce or something icky on your teeth!! my son is 6 months old and loves books 🙂

  93. My daughter is just learning to read. Thanks!

  94. Sounds terrific

  95. count me in, will donate the dictionary to the school library we have it already, but will keep the father goose! thanks!

  96. We’d love this!

  97. We definitely need an updated dictionary – my high school one just isn’t cutting it. Thanks for the chance.

  98. I do so love a wordy child!

  99. OH!!! We love books!

  100. Can’t think of a favorite word, I love them all.

  101. Oooh- we don’t have a dictionary in the house (and this from a librarian- shame on me!). Too many words to pick a favorite one. But, quiet, peace, calm and sleep are high up there.

  102. yay for reading! fav word…….hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

  103. Books are loved around here! I have a new reader reading everything, a learning reader who loves to try to read, but really loves to listen to stories and a wee little one year old who finally settles down during story time.
    I guess my favorite word is Love because I love to use it and sure work it into every sentence! 🙂

  104. We LOVE, LOVE books!!!

  105. favorite word = turtle

  106. My girls would LOVE new books!!

  107. Thanks, Mir!

  108. Books! Pick me!!

  109. My favorite word is hope as it is to expect with confidence.

  110. Oh, we’d just love this. My 6 year old is a voracious reader and he’d love more books!

  111. You are very pretty, Mir. Thank you!

  112. Gotta love books!

  113. Oh, what a great contest. Please please please pick me oh pretty Mir and random number generator. 🙂 My favorite word today is pejorative.

  114. My favorite word is chocolate. 😉

  115. I think my most-used word is “totally.”

    Yes, I am trapped in 1988, why do you ask?

    P.S. Would love to win the books – have twin 6yos who love reading and books! Thanks, pretty Mir!

  116. These would be great for back to school!

  117. Oops…my favorite word is onomatopoeia

  118. My favorite word is karma. 🙂

  119. this might be my favorite contest YET!

  120. Love it, Mir!!!!

  121. ohhhh….books! 🙂

  122. We’re word people around this house too.

  123. ALWAYS room for more books!!!

  124. I’m the Book Nana…Books are our friends!!!

  125. We love books too. And with 3 kids we have lots, but are always looking for more!

  126. my book shelf could use more books

  127. Wow – so many commenters already.

    I’d love to have the books, please. 🙂

  128. So I totally love books and have neither of these – how did that happen – but if I win books my hubby can’t whine about how many books we already have right – because they’d be free and so then there’s nothing to whine about – oh sweet random number generator pick me!

  129. As a teacher I love scholastic! But these would make great gifts for my nephew!

  130. I would love these! And I think my little boy would too…

  131. We’d love to add to our library!

  132. We love books and new additions are always welcome!

  133. I love to write the word “sometimes.” Something about the way they flow together, so I guess that’s my favorite word. Child #3 is 3 months old and needs to start building his own library. Please pick me!

  134. My favorite word is onomatopoeia. It’s fun to say and has a cool meaning…
    It’s used a great deal in poetry. I love poem and hope my kids will too!

  135. Would love to win these. Favorite word: love

  136. Oooooh! Pick me! My boy loves a good (visual) dictionary. He doesn’t read that well yet, so visual stuff is great.

  137. We love books, too! This is a great contest, yet again! I love commenter 52: child loving the word “No” right now, and being partial to “NOW”. I can totally relate.

  138. Would LOVE to give more books to my son… who’s just starting school this year. Thanks for the contest.

  139. What a wonderful prize! Favorite word: kerfuffle.

  140. Love books and so do my kids.

  141. Excellent contest for the back to school season! My favorite English word is actually a place – Schenectady (NY). I don’t know why, but it is. Favorite German word is “arbeitlosigskeit” (unemployment). That’s what’s left after three years of college German. Hrmph.

  142. Oh! We LOVE books (and words too!)!

  143. Books rule!

  144. On this medication that makes me sleepy, I think my current favorite word is “zzzzzzzz.”

    I don’t know if my little one could ever become as obsessive a reader as I am, but I can try!

  145. Would love to win these books! I don’t really have a favorite word, but there is two words that for some reason I really don’t like they are moist and naughty!

  146. As a librarian, I love books! And I would love to have these for my nephew!

  147. I’m with you on the love of words, and having them all compiled in book form makes is to much better! I don’t think I have a favorite word, unless I get all corny and say that may favorite word is my daughter’s name. Thanks!

  148. Ohhhh, pick us!

  149. Yes please! My daughters would love these.

  150. Me, please!

  151. Love books. These would be a great gift for my Goddaughter.

  152. Always room for more books in our house!!

  153. Count me in!

  154. Those books would be awesome!

  155. We were just talking about how our 6 yo nerd son would love a dictionary! Even if I don’t win, we’ll probably pick one up for his birthday.

  156. I have way too many favorite words to list. Thanks Mir

  157. My litte girl will be starting K in a few weeks, so more books is a great thing!!

  158. WINNER is my favorite word:)

  159. Oh, my office supply lover/reader/writer daughter would love these!!!!!

  160. MY 2 boys love storytime and would love to have these books!

  161. Since I’ve begun working on my master’s degree in American Studies, my favorite word is historicity.

  162. We love books! My 5 year old is turning out to be just like her Mama!

  163. My daughter would love these– she is a word girl! Right now she likes saying exhausted and understated,

  164. We love books! Pick me!

  165. I know a little boy who would love either of these books.


  166. We homeschoolers LOVE books!

  167. Ooh! Books!

    One of my favorite words – defenestration.

    I am mother to none but aunt to many children and they are all ridiculously smart and love books so these would have a good home, I swear.

  168. I once heard that to non-English speakers the most beautiful words in English were diarrhea and gonorrhea.


    My favorite word is vitriolic.

  169. Oh, how we would LOVE that dictionary! These kids have it too easy with google! I need to show my kids how to look things up just for the fun of it!

  170. I could use some new books!!

  171. We would LOVE these!

  172. Daddy Goose. Love it.
    My 3 year old niece loves the word refreshing.

    She says: That is very refreshing.

  173. Sounds great thanks… I was going to use the word of the day as my favorite word, but today it’s “fester”. Gross. Maybe my favorite word is “family.”

  174. I have a niece that would love these!

  175. I am seriously about to go out and buy a kid’s dictionary, I’m getting sick of yelling out how to spell words from other rooms, so this would be superb timing! And my favorite word is sphygmomanometer, otherwise known as the thingy they take your blood pressure with 🙂

  176. Wow!! I’m in. The odds are against me, but I can’t resist entering this one.

  177. Fun stuff! Thanks – Jessica

  178. I like a lot of words, but I’m thinking of epiphany and genre since I’m starting to plan lessons for my high school English classes!

  179. Hooray for books!

  180. We love books!

  181. We love words and books ’round here.

  182. I have a list of favorite words. Of course I do:

  183. I absolutely love books!

  184. We would love a new dictionary. Books are always good.

  185. My new favorite word is “grandma”…I can’t get enough of hearing my 2 year old grandson saying it!!

  186. Yes to books. Thanks.

  187. a child can never have too many books!

  188. Mmm…books. Can’t wait until my wee one can understand words. In the meantime, I need more books!

  189. Looooooove the word “summer” and all the things it encompasses!

  190. My son is 3 and we read to him in the car when we are carpooling and every night. He loves to read. It seems we never have enough books. I don’t have a favorite word, really.

  191. I have 2 little boys who just can’t get enough books! My favorite word is ‘yes!’

  192. More books are always welcome!

  193. My favorite word, as a mom of two toddlers, is probably “bedtime.” (Then again, I live in the South, so perhaps my favorite words right now are “air conditioning.”) Thanks for the contest!

  194. With 4 kids – oldest on the way to Kindy and youngest just turned one month – my favorite and most used word is “thanks” because I am fortunate to have so many friends to help me!

  195. What a great contest! Thanks Mir! (My favorite word right now is “bargain.”)

  196. One of my favorite words right now is grandchildren. I live in Texas and my three grandbabies live in Philly. We see each other about twice a year. I would love for them to have these books to remember Poppy and Nanny by.

  197. Count me in!

  198. I would love some books to read to my nephews and nieces. My nephew’s favorite words when he was three were nocturnal and diurnal, and he knew what they meant. He’s going into first grade–we expect great things! My favorite word is otorhinolaryngologist, who unfortunately I see too much–for allergies.

  199. I’d love to win–thanks Mir!

  200. Books are always welcome! My favorite word is terrarium, just because.

  201. My son adores books, and he’d really love these! Fingers crossed.

  202. Platypus is my favorite word. I like the way it sounds and reminds me of the philosoper Plato.
    We love books, they are everywhere in our home.

  203. We are going to need a Dictionary here very soon, and this Scholasticone looks great!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  204. We would love to add to our son’s growing collection of books. My favorite word is factious!!! Thanks Mir!!!

  205. I would love to win these books! On of my favorite words is balance.

  206. hippopotomonstrosesquipedalianism, which means “the love of big words”.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  207. I have such good memories of getting my Scholastic order form each month in elementary school!!!

  208. My daughter is 17 months old, and we read probably 10-15 books a day with her. I’d love some new material!

  209. Would love to win these! Thanks, Mir.

  210. FREE BOOKS?????? Yay!

  211. Love it, hope I win! 🙂

  212. How wonderful! 🙂

  213. always have room for more books!!

  214. We love books!

  215. Our five kids love books!

  216. awesomeness! (is that in the dictionary? haha)

  217. My daughter would love these books. Thanks!

  218. My daughter loves kids dictionaries above all her other books – go figure!

  219. My favorite word is ubiquitous…even though I was nearly laughed out of my high school English class when I mispronounced it “you-be-qwee-shus.” LOL

  220. My kids love love love books…. this would only make them love books EVEN MORE!!

  221. Obfuscate! 🙂

  222. kids and Adults can never have too many books !


  224. Thanks for the chance to win!

  225. Favorite word is lugubrious. And ostensibly. And exacerbate. And I’d love the books!

  226. My kids and I love books! And I love free stuff! And, of course.

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