I’m dreaming of boots

By Mir
August 3, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Truly, it’s more that I’m dreaming of cooler weather, but what the heck—cooler weather means cute boots, am I right?

Among the slew of great deals at 6pm.com today is up to 65% off Gabriella Rocha footwear, which includes two entire pages of boots. They have the kind that looks like those boots my daughter and her friends all think are so cool. (I’m, uh, not going to say the brand. Except to say that it rhymes with ugh. Ha!) And they have rainboots. And they have simply gorgeous leather boots just dying to pair up with your skinny jeans once Fall arrives.

Decisions, decisions…. (Note to my husband: Oh, no, honey, of course I’m not buying more boots! That would be silly, because I have plenty already. Kind of. Um, love you!)


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