Friday, how did you get here?

By Mir
August 6, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I, um, seem to have misplaced Thursday. Sorry about that! It wasn’t intentional. The pesky shortish people living in my house were all needy yesterday, what with their, “Mom, it’s time to go to Open House” and “Mom, we want to go swimming” and such. Sheesh. I thought I’d have more time to work, and then it was bedtime. Very curious.

No matter! Let’s see what Friday has to offer us today.

The Amazon Friday Sale continues to limp along. If you don’t live on the surface of the sun, like me, you might be interested in the Horizon Organic Milk Boxes, which come out to about $.88/apiece after Subscribe & Save and coupon code HNTBEV44. (Chocolate flavor is also on sale; my kids like me to freeze those and then they eat them like Frostys at lunchtime.)

My favorite Mrs. May’s Trio Bars (tropical!) are on sale; 24 bars delivered for $12.33 after Subscribe & Save. These are gluten-free, high-fiber and high-protein, and just plain yummy.

And finally, the Gold Box has deals on Sambazon Energy drinks and mix today, and I’m not much for anything that calls itself an “energy drink,” but at half-off I may just try that acai powder for smoothies.

Sale madness continues at Children’s Place, with the clearance going strong and $5, $10, and $12 deals for back-to-school all over the place. Use coupon code BTSA7A for an additional 15% off your order, too.

Today’s deals at include slashed prices on tons of clothes as well as shoes. (And darn that Jessica Simpson, with her weird celebrity shenanigans, whose fashions I really want to hate but often produces some super-cute stuff.)

Ever find that the restaurants you love are often sold out on by the time the end-of-the-month deals roll around? Scoop up those certificates before they’re gone, with a rare 70% off coupon in the first week of the month! Just use code SAVE to get $25 worth of dining for a cool $3, and enjoy your night out as well as the $22 you saved.

All of that should keep you out of trouble for a while, right? Right.


  1. See, I think you have it backwards. All this is what gets me INTO (as opposed to keeping me out of) trouble. But I do appreciate all your mad deal-finding skillz!

  2. Mir, it said the code didn’t work on the milk.

  3. I called Amazon and confirmed that the code was not working for some reason. The guy is adjusting my card for the difference.

  4. Awesome! For $6 at I got a $50 gift to give my out of town brother and sister-in-law and $10 off my next purchase there. PLUS I could use part of my certificate from my buy.

    *Whew* Did you get all that? Bottom line: My $50 gift netted me $6 profit. Sweet.

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