I’m a little afraid

By Mir
August 12, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Okay, um… I’m really not sure what this gets you, but if you go here it gets you a free sample of “Tomorrow’s Harvest Food Storage.” Which I originally thought would be some sort of storage container, but have since decided is probably some sort of freeze-dried astronaut meal.

Nevertheless, it’s free, so I (and you) can afford to be adventuresome. I guess.


  1. Very strange, Mir… Did you read the FAQs? Are these guys figuring on Armageddon or just your run of the mill disaster? 😉 Where on earth did you find them? However, being in FL, I can see getting these in case of hurricane. May look into it….

  2. I’m from New Orleans, we already have a stash of MREs in case of hurricanes, but I’m interested in trying these… although I’m a little scarred after reading the quotes on the website…

    Thanks Mir. An interesting way to start the day!

  3. “Do you have any single guys working for your company?” I love that that is one of questions in the FAQ. I have to wonder just *how* frequently that question is asked, though! 🙂

  4. It may be weird, but it would actually be a nice thing to keep in the trunk of the car for emergency use…

  5. @Kim The website says keep at less than 70 degrees so depending on where you live, trunk might not work. Heck, for over six months of the year even my air conditioned house wouldn’t work… 🙂

  6. I believe this is actually geared toward LDS communities – preparing for armageddon is pretty serious business to a lot of Christian off-shoots. I didn’t come from LDS, but the religion I was raised in certainly had a “Prepare for Persecution” complex. 😉

    I really enjoyed the last Q of their FAQ. rofl. It’s nice to see they don’t take themselves entirely too seriously!

    “Do you have any single guys working for your company?
    Why Yes we do! In fact, the majority of our sales staff are looking for that special someone to date. But don’t you worry, these aren’t your ‘cruise main street’ sort of hoodlums. Oh no—our boys are the kind Mama wants her daughter to bring through that front door! And did we mention they all love long walks on the beach? Yep, every one of ‘em.”

  7. just sent in for a free sample- worth a shot- you never know in today’s world what disaster may hit!

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