The early bird gets the toy deals

By Mir
August 16, 2010

My children are fast approaching the age where I will no longer have to have a gift closet full of appropriate offerings for birthday parties. No, someday soon, all I’ll have to have available will be a stack of gift cards and my fervent promises to act like we don’t know each other, I guess. But I’m going to enjoy these last days of little-kid-dom while I can.

So pardon me while I swoon a bit over the excellent offerings in today’s one-day toy sale at Amazon, because there’s plenty here to sock away either for birthday parties or the holidays or whatever.

I mean, check out this Erector fire truck set for just $12 (69% off). Or this 18,000-piece puzzle (that’s not a typo!) for $75 (half off). True, I wouldn’t give that one away, but think of how many hours of not whining “I’m bored” entertainment and fine-motor/critical-thinking exercise that would give!

I just need to find a month or two when we don’t need to use our dining room table, I think….

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  1. Snagged that Erector set for Christmas plus a backpack for my college-bound son. Used gift cards from Swagbucks to help pay for it. Off to a great start this week! Thanks Mir.

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