The perfect opportunity to take the plunge

By Mir
August 23, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I know that sometimes—just as a toddler has to be offered the same food a bunch of times before he’ll try it—I sometimes have to post a certain store or deal a few times before someone tries it out. And yes, I apparently just compared y’all to toddlers who are picky eaters. I apologize. Um, let’s start over.

So! I recently posted about the free Back-To-School products available at Vistaprint, which encouraged some of you to go get your free custom labels, business cards, calendars, etc. But others still hesitated. If you’re still a Vistaprint virgin, let’s try this: Right now new customers save 25% on any order, plus orders of $25+ ship free through that there link. And yes, you can combine that with the free products, too, so you can get all manner of wonderful stuff for very little money.

People sometimes ask me how Vistaprint makes any money, doing all of these specials. It kind of reminds me of the old Saturday Night Live skit. (In other words, the answer is probably “volume.” Or maybe “they don’t.” I’m not sure.)


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