Hooray, it’s easier to get free shipping!

By Mir
August 24, 2010
Category Quick Tips

Great news—Soap.com just lowered their threshold for free 2-day shipping to just $25. Not as a promotion, not as a coupon, but as their everyday, automatic free shipping. And because they have a shared cart with Diapers.com, you can add in anything from there, as well, towards your $25+. (Conversely, if you’re shopping Diapers.com and don’t want to get up to $49 for free shipping, find a little something from Soap.com to throw in your basket and you’ll qualify for free shipping at $25.)

Don’t forget that you can use coupon code WANT4632 for 15% off your first order at Soap.com, and today (August 24th) is the last day to use code AUGSALE for 10% off $25+, 15% off $50+, or 25% off $100+ when you’re shopping clothing at Diapers.com. Or use Aff15PCT for 15% off your first order at Diapers.com.


  1. Oh, SWEET. No more must I order tiny tubes of Aquaphor or whatever to bring my total up to $49!

  2. Mir, I am placing my order on Diapers.com, and only if you have items from both soap.com and diapers.com in your cart do you qualify for free shipping on $25. I only have items from diapers.com, so I have to still pay 4.99 for my shipping. Maybe I will throw in something cheap from soap.com to get free shipping.

  3. Lisa: Goodness, I think I was so excited by the email I received, I misread it. You are correct; I’ll change the post to reflect that. Thanks!

  4. Actually, it’s even more complicated than Lisa thought – if you have only Soap.com, you’re good at $25 (or if you have a combination of the two sites). If you have only diapers.com, the threshold is still $50.

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