Hey, kids!

By Mir
August 25, 2010

At first I thought I had no words for this little gem at Amazon, but it turns out that I do.

Summary, in case you don’t feel like looking: It’s a yay-it’s-summer lawn toy that resulted from the unholy union of a water sprinkler and a punching bag thingie. Plus you get a set of boxing gloves, too.

Pros: At 69% off and coming in at under $5, it’s hard to argue with a kids’ sprinkler at this price point.
Cons: I cannot possibly be the only person who can think of a dozen different ways that this toy ends very, very badly. C’mon, now. Boxing gloves to go with your sprinkler? Really??

But it claims to be a “soakin’ good time,” so what do I know?


  1. This is perfect for our company Christmas party! We give raffle prizes away and I try to find very strange and fun things to give away. So far, bacon salt is the biggest hit. I’ll see how these go over this year.

  2. That is so, SO strange. But yes, excellent white elephant gift potential!

  3. Oh, sick. But I believe that my 3 1/2 year old son would love this. My Mother’s Handbook tells me Noooooooo Way!

  4. Something for those “favorite” nephews of mine! PERFECT Christmas gift!


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