Friday, make mine a double

By Mir
August 27, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Coffee, that is. (Geez, people, it’s early… what did you think I meant…?)

What temptations wait out there for us today? Let’s take a look.

I predict today’s featured Target Daily Deal will sell out early—it’s half off a skull-decorated CHI flat iron. I know my daughter would go nuts over such a thing, and regardless of the skull motif, $67.50 shipped for a CHI is crazy. (Don’t forget to activate this link for an additional $5 off your $50+ order, or try code TOEY738U for 10% off!)

Amazon actually emailed me to let me know about the Friday Sale this morning, which was one part hilarious and two parts, “C’mon, Amazon, have you met me?” If you didn’t already stock up on Organic Valley milk boxes earlier this month, hooray for procrastination—at the reduced Friday sale price of $14/dozen, plus coupon code OVALL454 and buying via Subscribe & Save, it now comes to under $10 shipped, or about $.82/box. Sweet! (Inexplicably—maybe it’s the least popular?—if you want strawberry milk, that’s the only Horizon Organics flavor marked down, and comes to about $.83/carton when you buy the 18-pack using S&S and coupon code HMLK4343.)

Also, this is probably a price mistake and will be canceled, but this 3-pack of EO lavender bubble bath is just $.96 direct from Amazon (free shipping with Prime, or a good filler for Super Saver Shipping). Might be worth trying to snag.

I realize this makes me an old uncool gringo, but the assortment of Old Gringo boots today at is hurting my eyes just a little. Wow. Um. I think I’ll stick with the SoftWalks on sale, which, granted, do have some unflattering styles, but if you’re willing to dig, they have some really cute stuff (and are comfy!) at great prices. And hello, have they always had a clearance tab? If so, I just noticed it today. Come to mama!

That should keep you busy for a while. Later today we’ll have the winner of this week’s contest, and maybe some more deals, too. Because the week’s almost over and it’s time to… ummm… get ready for the next week. Wooo! (Party animal, right here.)


  1. I ordered the bubble bath, we’ll see what happens

  2. SHOOT! I just clicked over to the bubble bath and it’s now $40! WAAAH!

  3. Too funny. Thanks, Mir. I am now stocked up on bubble bath! They would only let me buy 3. Karate Mom, did you try looking at the tiny print under the $40 price? I had to click on the tiny print to get the “special price” to come up.

  4. Thanks, Mir — I got 3. For some reason shipping was free even though I didn’t purchase anything else. They’ll make good gifts — 9 bottles for a total of $2.88 — can’t beat that!

  5. Karate Mom, you have to go to more buying choices on the left. That is where I found it with the cheap price.

  6. oops, I mean the right!

  7. Thanks for the milk deal as well. Send these in my daughter’s lunch at least a couple of times a week and the grocery store prices are outrageous.

  8. Heather – you can add 3 at a time to your car for as many as you want : )

  9. Worth a try on the bubble bath!

  10. how do you get the target discount? it’s not working for me.

  11. Of course you meant a double coffee! I’m pouring mine right now. School just started for me, so I’m digging out my Starbucks thermos. It languished in the cupboard all summer.

  12. Thanks for the milk Mir! I so need those for my kids lunches. We are taking lunches to school this year. Last year I slacked off, this year, not so much.

  13. The CHI iron is sold out and temporarily unavailable.

  14. I ordered 3 sets of the Bubble Bath & got an email that is was a pricing error but that they were going to change order to 1 set at the .99 price

  15. Just got the e-mail about the bubble bath too. Can’t believe that stuff is over $61! Must be some bubble bath!! Glad they’re willing to still honor the initial price for the first set ordered.

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