Because it all started with Toll House

By Mir
August 28, 2010
Category Contests

The first cookies I ever made on my own were—of course—the Nestle Toll House recipe on the back of the bag of chips. I was probably about nine years old at the time. I have baked (and eaten) many, many cookies since that first batch, but I always come back to the Toll House recipe on the bag, because why mess with perfection? Yum.

Nestle was kind enough to send me a box of goodies to share with my family and my readers. Unfortunately, because I live on the surface of the sun, their new mini morsels “toppers” that they included pretty much melted and reformed themselves into one giant glob inside the containers, so we are going to skip those, but fear not! I have other fabulous items to share.

The winner of this weekend’s contest is going to receive a Nestle prize pack containing: One Nestle Toll House adult-size apron, two Nestle Toll House child-size aprons, five mouthwatering Nestle dessert recipe cards, and four coupons for free Nestle products (two each for refrigerated cookie dough and bags of Toll House morsels). In other words, you’ll be completely outfitted to create some ooey-gooey chocolate memories right in your own kitchen.

Want to win it? Of course you do! First go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Monday, August 30th, 2010 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number drawing and crispy edges.

Ready? Go!


  1. I’ll be first!

  2. yay chocolate!!!!

  3. Yummy! Now I’m hungry…

  4. That recipe is pretty perfect… YUM!

  5. Me want cookie!! Om nom nom!

  6. toll house were the first cookies i made by myself too! at one point, i knew the recipe by heart, but those days are gone now…

  7. My favorite!

  8. I love Toll House!

  9. so delicious!

  10. hooray for cookies!

  11. Definitely my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe! Would love to win some fun aprons for the kids!

  12. You are indeed evil Madam Mir!

  13. I *big pink puffy heart* toll house 🙂

  14. I judge all chocolate chip cookies by the Tollhouse standard. Nothing compares.

  15. The only desserts that I ever make are straight from my Nestle’s dessert cookbook! I LOVE Nestle!

  16. Toll House is “da bomb.” My husband only cooks one thing, fabulous chocolate chip cookies, and their taste more than makes up for the fact that they’re all he can bake. Thank you for sharing!

  17. We can’t keep chocolate chips in stock in this house! Love Nestle!

  18. Yummy!

  19. how you’ve got me craving cookies.

  20. Am I the only one who always thinks about the Friends episode where Pheobe says Nestle Tolouse like it is French? Makes me smile everytime I see a bag of Nestle Tollhouse choc chips.

  21. Oh my God! That’s like the best contest EVAR! I know some brilliant young boys who are intrigued by cooking and want to set them up to be good husbands by making sure they can bake cookies! 😉

  22. I LOVE cookies! One can’t go wrong with Nestle!

  23. Just yum. Yes, please.

  24. Mmmm, cookies….

  25. Yum!!!!

  26. Ohhhh, chocolate! Yum!

  27. I have very crispy edges! (Granted, it’s because I hate lotion, but it still counts, right?)

  28. The Toll House recipe is the only one I make and every time I make them people think I am Julia Child. I’m making a batch this weekend for my boys’ teachers as a welcome back to school, please be nice to my boys bribe. 🙂

  29. I love cookies!!!

  30. Yum! Thanks for the contest Mir!

  31. I love love love to bake cookies!!

  32. I LOVE Toll House cookies too.
    And Lacey, I always think of that “Friends” episode too. 🙂

  33. Not the same Dawn,btw as #32! Just so ya know. I love me some cookies!

  34. That sounds so yummy. I guess I’ll have to make some cookies today, too…

  35. Sounds delicious!

  36. What a good after school project! Fingers crossed.

  37. Crispy edges and ooey-gooey centers? Sign. me. up.

  38. I <3 chocolate & love to bake, this contest is right up my alley 🙂

  39. come on lucky number picker!!!!!!

  40. I actually don’t like the recipe on the bag, the cookies never turn out right when I use it, so I found a better, more foolproof, recipe. I do love me some chocolate chip cookies, though, and I always use Nestle chocolate chips.

  41. My mouth is watering already!

  42. ooh, cookies. time to teach the 8 year old to make his own.

  43. Oh, this would be perfect for my little daughters and me! We LOVE to bake! Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  44. Sounds yummy; please enter me.

  45. Want it!

  46. Mmmmmmmmmmmm…cookies

  47. Thanks, Mir 🙂

  48. School starts soon and I teach cooking to my students. What a great addition to our classroom!

  49. I do love chocolate chip cookies!

  50. Crossing my fingers!

  51. I cannot resist chocolate chip cookies- cooked or not!

  52. Me love cookies!!

  53. Yum, Cookies!

  54. Pick me! Pick me!

  55. My kids love to help bake!

  56. Yum!

  57. mmmmm, now i want cookies.

  58. we love chocolate chip cookies here! thanks!

  59. Yummy!

  60. i’m not one to turn down free chocolate chip cookies! and, i agree, the toll house recipe is the BEST!

  61. I love a good cookie–errr, contest!

  62. Perfection, indeed.

  63. ooh, great contest Mir!

  64. this would be so fun! I love cookies. 🙂

  65. My youngest just loves to bake with me. He and I would LOVE this… my hips, not so much. I have no will power when it comes to cookies.

  66. Me please!

  67. THIS is my kind of contest! 🙂

  68. All right!!! Here’s hoping I win some fun stuff!

  69. Yummy contest! Woo!

  70. Sounds yummy!!!

  71. I love chocolate chip cookies!

  72. We absolutely LOVE Toll House in this house!

  73. Yummy!

  74. Did you watch Friends? The episode where Monica is desperately trying to recreate some cookies that Phoebe’s great grandma (or some distant relation) was famous for and it ended up being on the bag of chocolate chips! So funny. I can’t see or hear Nestle without saying Nestle Tollhouse the way Phoebe does in that episode.

  75. Yum, I would love to win!

  76. My 2 daughters and I would love this– especially the cute matching aprons!

  77. Chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite.

  78. Ooh – who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies?! Thanks Mir!!

  79. I’m not sure Nestle will allow me to win after my math fail making their refrigerated cookies in a tube the other night. The cookies were delicious as always, but very, very (did I mention very?) big.

  80. Cooies, Yeah!

  81. i’m in!

  82. Warm chocolate chip cookies! Yum!

  83. I too remember baking the Nestle Toll House cookies from the package when I was a kid. Yum.

  84. Like I’m not going to enter this contest. And probably go make cookies.

  85. I could so go for some cookies about now!

  86. Cookies!!!

  87. Love chocolate & baking too! This contest is right up my alley 🙂

  88. Yummy!!

  89. Sounds yummy! Thanks for the giveaway.

  90. Me want cookies!

  91. Heck, I’d take the melty globby bag. 🙂

  92. Oh, yes, this is my kind of contest!

  93. N-E-S-T-L-E-S…..Nestle’s makes the very best……Chocolate! ! !

  94. would love to win !!

  95. Mmmmmmm, I think I need to start pre-heating the oven right now!

  96. Yeah! Thank you.

  97. Yummy, I love chocolate chips!!!!

  98. Did someone say cookies?!

  99. Who doesn’t love cookies?!?

  100. Yum, yum yummy. Count me in! (Thanks for the chance!)

  101. My kiddos would LOVE this- as would my hubby, my belly, my friends!!

  102. There is nothing to not like about this. Thanks, Mir!

  103. Yum! Yum! Yum! Please pick me for this one! Please!!!

  104. Chocolate makes everything better. 🙂

  105. sounds delicious!

  106. My mouth is watering!

  107. Oh yes, I am ready, and I am imagining the twins in those aprons, and also I’m going to go bake some Tollhouse cookies right now, because you have put me in the mood.

  108. My hubbie would look great in an apron when he makes the world’s best Toll House cookies.

  109. I still make toll house cookies from the recipe on the package, cause I can’t remember all the ingredients–usually forget the salt !!!
    Yummy toll house cookie, drool…

  110. I can hardly wait until my boys are old enough to cook with me!

  111. Oh, man. I love cookies!

  112. I think I go through 2 bags of Nestle’s choco chips a week. YUM!

  113. Ooh.those mini morsels are pretty good, too bad they melted!

  114. What a great prize – my kids would love to bake some cookies!

  115. Are you kidding me? Who wouldn’t want this? Pick me please!

  116. I love Toll House Cookies!

  117. Cookies!

  118. Yum!

  119. Yum! I would LOVE this!

  120. Cookies are made and consumed on a weekly basis in our house- the more chocolate-y the better! Thanks!

  121. Both my boys want to learn to cook, and what better way to start with new aprons and COOKIES? Yum!

  122. Nestle cookies? I’m totally in 🙂

  123. yay! how much fun is that!

  124. With or without you, I’m going to have to make some cookies now. Thanks, lol.

  125. Add some coconut for extra goodness. 🙂

  126. Yummmm…..

  127. My kids would love this! So would I!

  128. We’re vegan around here, but the tollhouse recipe? Still perfect, even with all of our substitutions. We could most definitely make use of the aprons and recipes, and something tells me our family and friends wouldn’t be too sad if we passed along the coupons!

  129. Cookies!

  130. I want some!!

  131. Cookies! My favorite!

  132. my favorite stand by recipe 🙂

  133. Oooh, great prize!

  134. I could eat my body weight in cookies (I just had a baby, that’s saying a lot!). Give me the chance to make that dream come true.

  135. Aww…how perfect! I have 2 kids! We’d love to have a great cookie-baking time! 🙂

  136. Yum! Thanks!

  137. mmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

  138. yummm yummm cookie dough….i don’t care about the egg recall, give me some cookie dough!!!!

  139. I heart cookies!

  140. I’d like to win, but it might be better for my health if I don’t. So I’m leaving it completely up to the random number generator. 🙂

  141. Great, now I’m craving chocolate chip cookies at 12:30 in the morning. not good. not good at all.

  142. What a great prize pack – count me in!

  143. Yay for cookies

  144. yum yum yum yum yum

  145. Yum count me in

  146. Great contest! Hope I win!

  147. Ooooh, chocolate gooey goodness! Pick me!

  148. Yum! I would love to win!

  149. Yes, please! Cookies. Good.

  150. Sweeeeet.

  151. I’m in!

  152. Have you had Tollhouse Cookie Pie? Oh. My. Word. It is sooooo good.

  153. Sounds like fun!

  154. Oh yum, perfect to get ready for the holiday baking!

  155. Sounds so yummy! Pick me oh random generator! Pick me please!

  156. And so cruel that you can’t eat them yourself anymore! So we’ll be happy to take them off your hands! 😉

  157. YUM!!!

  158. Sweet Giveaway! 😉

  159. My first cookies, too! Thanks – Jessica

  160. Awesome! We LOVE tollhouse cookies! Hope we win!

  161. Mmmm….cookies!

  162. Cookies—yum!

  163. What a great little prize pack! This would be great….and tasty.

  164. I went grocery shoping after reading this. I HAD TO buy Tollhouse break & bake cookies. HAD TO.

  165. Oh heck yes… Nothing better than a toll house cookie and a cold glass of milk.

  166. The only thing that is better than the Nestle recipe is my mom’s less-greasy version of Mrs. Field’s cookies, with oatmeal flour and grated milk chocolate in the dough. Nonetheless, I would be delighted to win your prize, and so would my two toddler bakers!

  167. yum yum!

  168. Cookies!!!!

  169. LOVE nestle toll house cookies. Yummy!

  170. cookies!!!

  171. Chocolate yum!

  172. I LOVE baking with my kiddos! This would be perfect!

  173. there is no better choc. chip recipe out there… mmmm.

  174. Remember to take them out before you think they’re finished cooking.

  175. love, love, love cookies!

  176. I would love this:) Even the globby one….was sitting her fantasizing about making hot chocolate with the goop:)

  177. Me want cookies! Sorry, channeling Cookie Monster there.

  178. Mmmmm….chocolate.

  179. Wonderful memories of toll house cookies!

  180. We love cookies!

  181. Mmmmm…

  182. Ooo — my twins and I would LOVE this!!

  183. Yum. Chocolate!!!

  184. Yep, Tollhouse recipe is still the best! And so are Nestle’s chips!

  185. Oh, YUM!!! I love to bake. I bake many different kinds of cookies, but like you, I always go back to Toll House. My husband doesn’t understand why I insist on good quality semi-sweet chocolate chips; it really does make a difference. Really. Count me in, please!

  186. Chocolate and Free – what could be better!

  187. Baking cookies is a great way to work in math skills! Tollhouse is super yum!

  188. I love Tollhouse.

  189. Chocolate is da bomb.

  190. I will be stuck in a classroom full of children tomorrow while it is 90 degrees and sunny. I deserve cookies!

  191. I think I could make use of those chocolate chips…

  192. yummy! two little aprons…two kids here…will be fun!

  193. Oooh, pick me!!

  194. It’s become a weekly habit for my granddaughter and granson to bake cookies with me on Friday afternoon. They would love to be able to wear their own aprons when they bake and decorate their creations! Yes, the even decorate their Nestle Toll House Cookies!

  195. Yum!!!! Who doesn’t love free chocolate?

  196. yay Nestle!

  197. yum!!!!!!

  198. Count me in! The problem in my house is for there to be any dough left to bake! 🙂

  199. Yes, I WANT to win this one! Two kid-sized aprons – perfect for my twins. It’s always nice to have matching things when twins are involved.

  200. My 3 year old would love another apron!

  201. OOoooOOO….chocolate!

  202. Nestles chocolate chip recipes – what more do you need in the chocolate chip cookie world? What a great contest!

  203. Yum, I love cookies!

  204. What yumminess!

  205. Sounds yummy to me! I love baking with my boys. And I definitely have crispy edges. Thanks!

  206. Mmm cooooooookies

  207. Sounds delicious!

  208. they are the best cookies

  209. Yummy ~ yummy!

  210. yyyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  211. Mmm….. chocolate!

  212. Oh my goodness, I could go for a plate of those cookies right now

  213. “C” is for Coooooookieeeeeeeeee!
    Totally craving one now!

  214. I could use a little more chocolate in my life right now. and I’ve got some great helpers who would love the aprons!

  215. same story as me, first batch of cookies I ever made as a preteen, nestle from the back of the bag. slightly under done. perfection.

  216. I would love to win this for my son. He is getting into cooking now. He actually did bake his first batch my himself this weekend. He would really love this.

  217. me want cookie!

  218. Yummy. Please pick me!

  219. Me like COOOKIES!

  220. Yummy! Pick me

  221. Nom nom nom nom nom….
    (the sound of cookie monsters…)

  222. oh my oh my….we LOOOOOOVE cookies here!!!! my daughter and her friend would love to have aprons for when we cook!!!!! keeping our fingers crossed.

  223. How neat! The kids & I love to bake together!!

  224. Mmmmmm, one of my favorites.

  225. Yum! Cookies!

  226. My husband and I have PCT (Parent Cookie Time) every night after the children go to bed before we go to bed. We bake 4 toll house cookies for the 2 of us every night, then we pour a glass of milk to share and sit on the couch, eat our cookies and talk about our day. We love our cookie time so much! We have been doing this for over 6 years when I was pregnant with our first child.

  227. You had me at toll house.

  228. Kiddie aprons! I can’t guarantee cookies that won’t end up charred and crispy. But, kiddie aprons! 🙂

  229. Mmmmm, cookies! Gosh darn it, I’m pregnant and now I MUST HAVE COOKIES!!!! Tomorrow it’s off to the store to buy cookie dough.

  230. My baby is too small for cookies, so I get to eat his, right? I am absolutely certain cookies make cookies-and-cream flavored breast milk.

  231. Homemade chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite. I would love this. Thanks Mir.

  232. Me!! I would Lurv these!!!

  233. These are my childhood and still my favorite chocolate chip cookies!

  234. Love me some chocolate chips.

  235. I would love to win!

  236. Mmm Nestle! Thank you.

  237. A tweaked version of the classic Toll House cookie featured prominently in my first pregnancy weight gain.

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