Not that kind of gross

By Mir
September 7, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m pretty sure I learned what a “gross” was by reading the Oriental Trading Company catalog. Really, who else consistently offers you a dozen dozen of the things all kids look at and go “ooooooh!”? OTC has long been synonymous with “party supplies” and “large quantities of little toys.”

And now you have an entire week to stock up for every class party, Halloween bash, and whatever else you’re planning, all in one fell swoop. Just shop away, then use code WCE9771 to take $10 off your $75+ order, plus get free shipping. I realize that it can be pretty difficult to spend that much money there at once, but if you’re splitting an order with a friend (or putting together a sizable party), this could be the savings you were looking for.


  1. My mom likes to give out their glow-in-the-dark critters instead of candy for Halloween. And they don’t expire, you could be giving them out from the same package for YEARS!

  2. Ack. Don’t tempt me to spend $75 at Oriental Trading Company. I could outfit my classroom for years with that!

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