That one thing you forgot

By Mir
September 8, 2010

I think everyone is back to school by now, right? And you did such a good job getting the kids ready. I’m sure that the discovery that you’re missing just one [insert critical item of children’s clothing here] isn’t that big of a deal at all. I mean, did you remember to feed the kids this morning? Yes? Then you’re good.

But if you need to do just a little more shopping to get that missing item, don’t worry. Children’s Place is running their Fall sale already, with items starting at just $5.99. And you have until September 12th to use code G2C2010 for 15% off any order. And over at Old Navy you have until tonight to use coupon code ONBDAY for 25% off your order (thanks, Rachel).

Of course, if your child had the audacity to grow since you did your back-to-school shopping, you have my permission to present these new items along with a couple of bricks to put on their head. It hasn’t been working for my kids, but hope springs eternal!

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  1. woot! Thanks, Mir. I just found out our *outerwear* is required to be navy to coordinate with the uniforms. The 15% off made me slightly less grumpy about that.

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