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By Mir
September 9, 2010
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If you haven’t yet read Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy, what are you waiting for? The final book came out a couple of weeks ago, so I bought the entire set so that I could catch up while my daughter devoured the finale. I don’t know why I waited so long.

Now, the reason I bring this up is because today’s Daily Deals at Barnes and Noble include a boxed set of the Hunger Games trilogy for $27 shipped, which is $4 less than the current Amazon price, and a great gift for the avid reader in your life.

Please be advised, however, that though these books are consistently listed in the Children’s section, I would call them Young Adult at the very least. (Honestly? I think they’re just as riveting for adults.) These books are dark and dystopian and not for little kids. Please don’t buy them and give them to your third grader and then come back and yell at me, is my point.

But absolutely do buy them for the disgruntled teen in your life. They may well change his or her opinion of what “life is hard” means.


  1. Great disclaimer! I don’t know many teens reading them but lots of adults. They are awesome!

  2. I love this series so much that when I learned that the third one was coming out, I pre-ordered 2 copies so that my daughter and I wouldn’t fight over it! I absolutely agree with your disclaimer, these are not for younger kids.

  3. Actually, it looks like Amazon has matched that prize. $27 shipped over there too.

  4. Hee! You made me think of a library near me that has the “Sookie Stackhouse” (inspiration for HBO’s “True Blood”) novels in their YA dept. Those kids are getting quite an education!

  5. Just finished MockingJay. Not a happy book!

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