Reminder: LensAlert contest

By Mir
September 9, 2010
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Don’t forget—there’s still time to enter to win a LensAlert Timer Pack and bonus cases to make managing your contact lenses a snap. I am not lying when I tell you this product has changed my life. One less thing to harangue my kid about is huge, in my book. And I’ve never heard her argue with the timer, so it must be working.

Anyway, the cutoff for entries is early tomorrow morning, so if you haven’t entered yet, hurry up! As always, please leave a comment on the contest post for an entry. Comments on this post are for entertainment purposes only. (Want Not and its related entities shall not be held accountable for any loss of productive Internet time due to this post. Discontinue reading this post if you’ve reached the end, or if you’re supposed to be making dinner. This post is not a substitute for real human interaction. Please contact your doctor if you find yourself leaving a comment that lasts for four hours or more.)

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  1. Too early to make dinner . . but I know I’m going relatively light tonight. A romaine and spinach salad accompanied by roasted eggplant/tomato/chevre bruschetta. If we’re still hungry I have some leftover homemade Thai shrimp/coconut soup.

    I always find food-discussion entertaining, even at 5:00 am!

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