You’re not buying used, you’re saving the planet

By Mir
September 9, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I do most of my music shopping through iTunes, these days, but every now and then I want an actual CD. Or sometimes I want a movie. And then I turn to the places where I know I can buy pre-owned discs for cheap.

Two options to check out, today: First, FYE is currently offering a buy 2, get 1 free on used CDs and DVDs with code USEDB2G1FAG. (Though if you must buy new, use code 10HTBH55 for $10 off your $55+ purchase.) Shipping there is free on $30+.

Second, Second Spin is offering 20% off your $20+ purchase of CDs/DVDs with coupon code SSAG29, right now.

Both are great ways not just to save money, but to feel morally superior and planet-friendly. Trees love it when you feel morally superior!


  1. Great deal, as always, but I have a hard time feeling morally superior when buying used media. I guess buying new is less planet-friendly, but at least your money gets a little bit closer to the creative artists whose work you are buying.

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