Free Lego? Okay!

By Mir
September 15, 2010

Have a Lego-crazy member of your household? My “joy” at stepping on tiny bricks in the wee hours (in bare feet… always when I’ve forgotten my slippers) aside, you simply can’t beat Lego for a fantastic way to keep the kids creative and occupied.

Right now Toys ‘R’ Us is offering a bonus Lego deal. Buy any Lego set at all and you can select one of these Ben 10 Lego sets to receive for free.

Keen observers will note that the free sets retail for $14.99, while you can spend as little as $3.99 to get in on the deal. Now, unless you spend $100+ you’ll have to pay shipping, but you’ll only spend $5 on shipping if you order the cheapest set, meaning you’ve spent $9 on $19 worth of Lego. Still a good deal, in my book.

I really hope I don’t step on one of those Ben 10 creatures. They look especially pointy.


  1. Cool Christmas stuffer! Thanks Mir.

  2. Unfortunately, at the checkout Toys R Us says, “FREE LEGO Ben 10 Set (14.99 value) with ANY LEGO game or construction set purchase of $40 or more “

  3. Hmmmm It does say that.
    I put through an order for $9.
    We shall see if they fix it soon.

  4. mine also says have to purchase $40 or more.

  5. ditto, 40.00 or more on mine.

  6. Anyone get cancelled yet?

  7. it says $40 but when you add any lego set and Ben 10 set to it the Ben 10 has a price of $0.

  8. My experience is the same as Dawn’s–with another Lego item in my shopping bag, the Ben 10 item showed up as $0.

    However … the Ben 10 items appear to be disappearing quickly. The one I chose showed up as “Sold Out” only AFTER I submitted my order. So I had to go to my email to get the confirmation number, cancel the order, and try a new order with a different Ben 10 item. Rather annoying and time-consuming, but I suppose worth it for some items to add to my gift stash.

  9. Not that I keep a copy of the Lego catalog on my desk or anything…(One just HAPPENS to be here.) Or that I have every single Lego we need for Christmas in our Amazon cart…
    BUT I could not help but notice that Harry Potter Lego sets for instance run between 5 and 20 MORE per set on the Toys R Us site. If I order from Amazon, there is no tax nor is there shipping on $25 or more. Lego has free shipping on orders of $75 or more.
    Lego Starwars starts out being about $4 more a set and is at least $20 more for a big set.
    As usual buyer, beware. Unless you are careful your “Free” Ben Ten (which is by the way Mir, pretty pointy but nothing compared to Bionicles.) might cost you more than you think!

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