I can’t decide what to look at first

By Mir
September 16, 2010

I love days like today. I mean, I hate days like today. I mean, on days like today when 6pm.com has so many featured specials that I can’t decide which one I should scope out first, my brain melts a little bit.

But in a good way.

See if it’s any easier for you—70% off Kate Spade and designer handbags, or 75% off designer label clothing, sunglasses, watches, and select shoes. Plus other deals.

This is one of those rare times when you could make an entire outfit there, just off front-page links. I’m trying to resist, but doesn’t that sound like a worthy challenge to you…? (Justification, thy name is 6pm….)


  1. omg. the keens i want for only $26!!!!!!

  2. 70% of Kate Spade? That’s even cheaper than the Kate Spodes I buy off the streets in NYC.

  3. Mir, you must get them to give you an associate’s link. You send a lot of business their way, and we could earn you a few pfennig along the way.

  4. Just checking – any coupons available for 6pm, say for free shipping? I need, but can’t really afford.

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