A big box of… yeah, that

By Mir
September 20, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Are you feeling lucky, punk?

No need for luck on this one, really—it’s guaranteed. Just check out today’s Deal of the Day at Graveyard Mall to behold… a mystery box. What’s in it? No idea! You have the opportunity at checkout to tell them who you are and what you like, and maybe you’ll get lucky. For $19.99 and $5.99 shipping it probably feels like a gamble, but here’s the best part: You can return it for free, including free shipping both ways, if you’re not satisfied.

So, really, the risk is minimal. And maybe you’ll get something marvelous. I have to tell you, I kind of love it when they do this. Always a surprise!

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  1. I’ve never been satisfied with a mystery box! I wonder how they can even afford to offer free returns.
    But then again I’m not a gambler… even when it’s basically free? Is that crazy?

  2. oh please, if anyone does this I have to know that a mystery item might be! please share!

  3. It’s like the dollar store grab bags for kids that I used to get as a kid. I’ve talked myself out of gambling on this twice already today. Maybe the third talk-myself-out-of-it will stick… 🙂

  4. Just recd my mystery box from graveyard mall and all I can say is…. OMG THANK YOU MIR!!!! I did not have high hopes… but the box was great and worth so much more than what I paid. It was huge, for starters, 30+ items, and they obviously read the comments where you could tell a little about yourself to help them pick the items. I won’t list everything I recd (it would take forever), but I had mentioned that my son is obsessed with DC comics and recd 5 classic comics and 5 thick books about comics/batman/superman. I also said I had a 3-year-old son and recd three of those play & sound books (Thomas, Barney, & Bob the Builder). But there were so many more things… many perfect for teacher/neighbor gifts (e.g. Christmas fleece blanket, scented wine-cork candles, computer games, fashion dolls), but several I plan to keep for myself. I would definitely “gamble” on one of these mystery boxes again!

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