Croc it up

By Mir
September 20, 2010

In most parts of the country, people are sadly putting away their sandals and bidding summer adieu. (Here, it’s still in the 90s. Georgia is not so much “on my mind” as it is “clogging up my pores,” but that’s another discussion altogether.) But whether summer is fast becoming a distant memory or still sticking around, now is the prime time to lay in some sandals deals for next year.

Check out the sale and outlet items at Crocs right now and you’ll find pages upon pages of sandals and such at deep discounts. Hooray! But we’re not going to settle for just a cheap price, are we? No way. Use coupon code secondchance for free shipping on your order, and add code HEALTHMAG for an additional 15% off, too.

That makes ’em deals worthy of any season, quite frankly.

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  1. I just can’t *believe* you don’t have a songwriting contract yet! “Georgia Clogging Up My Pores” would shoot straight to #1.

  2. Free shipping code doesn’t seem to be working.

  3. Thanks Mir! I just scored a pair of my very favorite Cleo sandals for $12.74 ( after shipping)! BTW, both promo codes worked for me but the Health mag code only worked when I typed it in in all upper case.

  4. ad the shipping on has to be lowercase, it seems.

  5. I just bought high heels from Crocs. Wild and crazy! Will these finally be the shoes that don’t crush my big toes? Can’t wait to find out.

    Both codes worked fine for me! I put in HEALTHMAG first and then secondchance, if that matters.

  6. Just bought my 5-year-old daughter a pair of pink crocs for about $13! That is such a great price. Free shipping worked for me, but didn’t show up until I went all the way through check out. Great deal!

    Just a note, I found a better deal for kid shoes by just searching the sale items. The shoes I found her are very similar to the mary janes in the outlet, but $5 cheaper!

  7. The free shipping code works, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to until the very last couple of screens – then it shows shipping as $0.00, my personal favorite number, after pi.

    Thanks, Mir! You are looking very pretty today. 🙂

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