Please don’t tell my kid

By Mir
September 22, 2010

Keep this one on the down low, please. (Also keep on the down low how stupid and tragically unhip I sound when I say things like “keep this one on the down low.”) If my daughter finds out, I’ll have to deal with no end of whining and begging. But… here, come closer.

There’s a big clearance sale going on at Aeropostale right now. Oh, the link on the front page says something about “up to 70% off” and then takes you to a few items, but just click through the Sale and Clearance links to get into the truly good stuff. Shirts, pants, jeans… all of the stuff you’d just roll over and buy your kids if you truly loved them. Sheesh.

The monthly meeting of the Big Meanies Club is at my house tonight, by the way.

Pssst! Have you read about Save Up ’10 and voted for Want Not so that I can learn even more ways to save you money? Every click helps!


  1. HA! I’ll attend your Meanies meeting! ;D

  2. I don’t get to join the club. I ordered cami’s for both my girls to put in their stockings at Christmas, and sweatshirts because the schools they attend are freezing!. Layering you know, must layer, everything, must create even more laundry…

  3. Mine is spoiled because she gets VERY trendy hand-me-downs from my husband’s youngest cousin…Aero, Hollister…I’m spoiled because I’ve NEVER set foot in those actual stores!

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