Shoes, glorious shoes

By Mir
September 22, 2010

I have the cure for the Wednesday blues, and the only prescription is… more shoes.

(What? You thought maybe all of a sudden I was going to develop an affinity for something else?)

I’m currently taking a few minutes to wade wistfully though today’s deals at, because you know I have a weakness for Clarks, and those under-$20 shoes from Annie are pretty cute, too.

Of course, if—for some reason—you can’t find the perfect deal to make your heart go pitty-pat at 6pm, today, you could always pop on over to Shoebuy and take 20% off your order with coupon code EMLFALLKICKOFF10. You know, if you wanted to.

I’ll just be over here browsing the boots, even though it’s still 90 degrees outside. Hope springs eternal, y’all.

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  1. Wow, that ShoeBuy site actually has a lot of shoes in my size! (Men’s Really Huge.) Thanks for the link!

  2. So I just ordered three pairs of shoes. All of which I totally *need*. Really. As long as my husband isn’t home when the UPS man arrives.

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