Sometimes showy is good

By Mir
September 22, 2010

Normally I go for understated over showy, but if you were hanging around Want Not last year ’round the holidays, you may remember that one very popular item that kept popping in and out of stock at Amazon were the “oversize gift editions” of various children’s storybook classics. Right now they’ve got The Ugly Duckling available for $7.52 and I have to say, this is still one of my very favorite make-a-statement gifts. The artwork is incredible, the story is timeless, and who isn’t going to be a little wowed by a book that’s 17″ tall?

This is perfect to add in with a baby shower gift, or to give to your child’s favorite teacher as a gift for the classroom. I’m sure the original price of $85 is inflated, but this book is easily worth four times what they’re currently charging. And I certainly won’t tell anyone how little you paid.

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  1. I put this book in my cart yesterday, got distracted with the kiddos, etc., and forgot to check-out. Today, the price has increased from $7.52 to, I kid you not- $ 57.37!!

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