Start putting that discount to work

By Mir
September 22, 2010

Assuming that you went ahead and signed up for Amazon Mom when I told you about it, you’re already set to enjoy free Prime shipping and an extra 15% off all kinds of baby supplies, already. Every time you order from their Baby store, exceed $25 and you’ll get another free month of Prime (up to a full year), not to mention that you’ll be paying a full 30% less than the listed price between your Mom discount and Subscribe & Save on things like diapers that you have to buy, anyway.

So. Do you have enough wipes? Because if you don’t, right now you can get a case of 720 Pampers Unscented Aloe Wipes for just under $13 shipped, after discounts. That seems pretty reasonable to me, even if they do (somewhat creepily) describe the wipes as having “thousands of soft cleansing buds.” (Ummm… eww?)

It’s almost enough to make me wish I still had a kid in diapers. (I’m lying. It isn’t. Nothing is. Still, its a heck of a deal.)

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  1. Dah! I did this just the other day using the S&S and PM tricks and it was $3 more! (That’s still a reasonable deal, though.) I will say, however, that on that same order I also got diapers at 50 percent off (combined with a 20 percent off coupon from Parents magazine). That? Was a deal.

    The boxes came on different FedEx trucks at different times of the day. Same day. Is that odd? I thought it was odd.

  2. I’d like to add that wipes are great to have in the car to quickly clean hands or rest stop toilets. I know once my kids are out of diapers I still plan on keeping them on hand…I love wipes and use them for so many other things then baby tushies. Oh, and I just read that wipes are nice to clean adult girlie areas too because they are so gentle!

  3. I kept wipes on hand for several years after my kid was out of diapers. The only thing that made me stop was ‘green guilt’ for using something disposable.

  4. OR, if you want wipes that will actually remove the poop from your baby and keep it off of you, you could buy Huggies wipes. I know Mir, you had a kid with a sensitive bottom. But if you can, Huggies are WAY better!

  5. Does the sale work on cloth or G diapers?

  6. I second that on the huggies – I got 600+ wipes for around $14 and some change and was esctatic, awesome price and they you know get the poop off 🙂

    I will say the pampers are softer though – just too soft and silky to get the job done when you are talking about poopy baby booties

  7. We likes wipes even without a baby around, it’s the budget bidet!
    Heh, I actually found an ancient, unused diaper when cleaning the other day, and it STILL fits my almost 6-year-old daughter, she thought it was the funniest thing ever. She sure didn’t inherit that tiny tushie from ME.

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