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By Mir
September 23, 2010

The older I get, the more I love Eddie Bauer, which either means that my taste is improving in my old age, or that they’ve become unhip without my noticing. Although these are equally likely possibilities, let’s assume the former. Yes.

Anyway, today (September 23rd, 2010) only, you can use coupon code FREEFALL to ship your order from there for free, which is excellent because paying shipping is for suckers. Also, their clearance section is looking newly restocked, so while you could certainly scoop up the newest styles for Fall, you’d be even smarter to scope out the end-of-season and last-season deals.

Just leave some Blakely pants for me. I can always use more pants.

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  1. I’m going a little crazy over at Old Navy right now.

  2. Err, I mean Eddie Bauer. Which is really nothing like Old Navy.

  3. The coupon code can’t be used for items in clearance… oh well

  4. “because paying for shipping is for suckers.” hahahahahahaha
    you make me laugh. every morning. thanks!

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