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By Mir
September 25, 2010
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Good morning! Are you having an awesome weekend? We have family visiting and it’s been so much fun ’round here the last couple of days, I am probably going to have to endure repeated cries of “It’s boring! No one is playing with me!” after they leave. I think the kids might be upset, too.

Anyway! How about a few deals for the weekend?

Okay, listen. Please don’t laugh. But yesterday I watched the Dr. Oz show (with my mother-in-law! I had never seen it before!) and he did a really interesting segment on the supplements every woman should be taking, and because I’m me, I became irrationally convinced that my bones are going to crumble into dust if I don’t start taking calcium. Heh. Anyway, worth a look, and it reminded me that the current buy-1-get-2-free promotion at Puritan’s Pride is over at the end of the month. Just sayin’. (Also just sayin’: I picked up a 9-month supply of everything he suggested for under $50. Not bad.)

Today’s Amazon Gold Box Deal featured a Scotch Laminator for about $18. Would that be the coolest teacher gift ever or what? [Edited to add: If you also buy this pack of laminating pouches to go with it (be sure to choose Amazon as the seller), you can then redeem this $20 rebate!]

There’s new clothing markdowns at this weekend, though I’m trying not to look. Trying. Trying. Darn it.

I’m kind of digging this LL Bean Adventure Gift Set; it’s a water bottle, flashlight, and multitool for just $15. Automatic free shipping, too.

There’s still time to grab the Pittsburgh Groupon for $100 worth of Picaboo photo books for just $25! (I love these online deals that Groupon has been doing.)

They’re having a Sweater Event over at Old Navy, with free shipping on $75+ and 20% off any order with coupon code ONSAVE20. I could totally go for some new sweaters if the temperature here would ever drop below 90. Ahem.

Oneida redid their website, and to celebrate they’re offering 20% off your order this weekend—just use coupon code NEW20.

I’m off to continue playing hostess. Hopefully that will not involve any more daytime television that makes me worry about my bone health, but I guess we’ll see….


  1. I have to say that I went into Old Navy the other day to return something that I had ordered online and I was SHOCKED at how the store had changed. I guess all of the stores did a major remodel over the summer and I couldn’t believe how different the setup was. The dressing rooms were in the middle! Craziness. They do have some really cute sweaters right now and an awesome fleece pea coat with a zipper – nice updated military style that seems to be in style this season.

  2. If you buy the laminator and a 50-pack of laminating pouches, there is a $20 rebate available = a deal I can’t pass up! 🙂

  3. Yippee on the laminator package! Mwah!

  4. Such a nerd, I am. But my husband and I are UBER GEEKED that a laminator should be arriving by mail in two days!

  5. Wow! Incredible deal on that laminator and rebate! Got it, thanks! :o)

  6. Awesome laminator deal! Thanks 🙂

  7. I didn’t even know that I needed a laminator until today! Thanks!

  8. ok, small ? IF I were to give this as a gift, I guess it would be WRONG to cut the UPC code off for the $20 rebate? he. Moral dilemmas abound.

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