Halloween is coming

By Mir
September 28, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Can you believe it’s almost October? Craziness. (But, see, I can tell it’s almost October because today it’s only going to be 80 degrees….)

Don’t be caught shopping for a costume at the last minute, wishing you had time to find a better deal. In fact, I think it’s time for a little trip… let your fingers walk on over to today’s Charleston Groupon to grab $30 towards CostumeHUB for just $15. (Look in the righthand sidebar; it’s today’s “side deal.”)

I think that this year I’m going to dress up as Groupon. I’ll simply dress in dollars saved! (Oh, wait. Covering myself in money may lead to people concluding I’m something else entirely. May need to rethink this.)


  1. How about a white track suit covered in zeros, ones and dollar signs?

  2. When I’m reading too fast, I see “Groupon” as “Group Grope” anyways. Let’s NOT discuss what that says about me.

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