It’s a good time to be cool

By Mir
September 28, 2010

Y’all know how I feel about Justice; I secretly believe they add crack to their clothing to make little girls beg and plead for just this top or that skirt because it’s the coolest thing ever, Mom! This makes me suspicious. Not so suspicious that I won’t bask in my moment of glory when two things happen at the same time, though. Those two things are:
1) They have a big clearance sale
2) They offer a 40% off code.

Guess what! Today’s a good day; the clearance is full, and coupon code 779 takes 40% off of everything.

They’ve even got Zhu Zhu Pets stuff on sale. You could knock out a little holiday shopping and look like a hero. No need to tell her you got such a good deal—just let her wonder if you were replaced by Alien Pod Mom temporarily.


  1. I have not placed my order yet, but the coupon appears to be working on the Webkinz in my cart!

  2. I took my daughter there for her birthday and I’m still shocked I bought her an $80 outfit (including accessories)! And that was after the 40% off! That store is awful!!

  3. If you hit the clearance sales with the 40%, you can get some GREAT deals. I would never shop there without the 40% coupon though. My 11 y.o. got a $100 gift card for Justice from Grandma and thought she’d died and gone to Heaven. LOL

  4. LOL. I wore this stuff….except it used to be called Limited Too. My mom would should shop the clearance racks like crazy and earn “too bucks” (something like if you spent $50, you got $25 too bucks to use toward a future purchase of $75 dollars or more….or something like that).

    Glad to see they are still adding crack to their clothes 13 years later.

  5. My daughter will not wear their stuff. (I guess she is reverse cool – whatever). But I used the coupon and bought her the glow in the dark jammies – who can resist those. Along with some basic T’s for next summer – no one needs to know where they are from, right?

  6. At the 6th grade campus where my daughter goes, Justice is NOT cool. It has to be Abercrombie or Aeropostale. Justice is for elementary kids, according to them. Fortunately my daughter cares about comfort, not fashion, so she’ll wear anything as long as it’s not itchy or tight.

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