All part of their evil plan

By Mir
September 30, 2010

On the one hand, I sort of resent “spend more, save more” deals, because I know the goal is to make me spend more than I would, otherwise. And because it generally works. (What can I say? Always a sucker for the bigger discount!)

On the other hand, I love “spend more, save more” deals because if I’m spending, anyway, I may as well reap the savings.

And that’s exactly what they’re counting on, I guess. I’m just their puppet, and soon online shopping coupons will take over the world. Or maybe I’m overthinking this.

Regardless, for the next four days, shop at Children’s Place and you’ll—you guessed it—save more, the more you spend.

Coupon code K3C2010 saves you 20% on $40, code H3C2010 saves you 25% on $50, and code F3C2010 saves you 30% on $60. Just in case you were shopping, anyway. Or can’t resist the codes.

[Unrelated: AT&T is here breaking working on my Internet connection, so I want you to know I really, really love you, because this took me over an hour to post with their helpful “assistance.” Ahem.]


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