Get Family Fun for 50 cents an issue

By Mir
October 12, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I believe in life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, pretty shoes, and never paying more than about $5 for a magazine subscription. You know, all of the things that make up the American Way.

Today’s magazine deal in the Barnes & Noble Daily Deals section is a year of Family Fun for just $5. This is one of my very favorite magazines, because it’s chock full of simple products and recipes the kids can oftentimes do by themselves. For $.50/issue it is well worth it, at least for us.

Of course, if you gift it to someone, they won’t know what you paid, either.

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  1. I was hoping a deal on Family Fun would come around soon! Also, your site still looks wacky to me. Hope it’s not too much of a headache.

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