It’s a sign that says “buy more shoes”

By Mir
October 14, 2010

Shooooes, glorious shoes! Here, let me help: Today you can visit the Raleigh/Durham Groupon to buy $30 to Shoebuy for just $15.

Of course, if you want to waste $15, that’s up to you. But pretty shoes and $15 in your pocket? Sounds like a win-win, to me.


  1. It is interesting how some of these online Groupons get to be worse deals as they make their way around. I got the Shoebuy Groupon a month or so ago when it was $40 for $20. And the Picaboo Groupon when it was $25 for $100, not for $75 like it was recently. Not that these aren’t still good deals, I’m just realizing that maybe it pays to snap it up the first time.

  2. Please not that you cannot use any other coupon codes or discount with the groupon.

  3. So, Mir — Queen of the Deals — will I be able to take the 20% off using EMLColumbus10 AND use this groupon?
    (Crossing fingers and hoping)

  4. Patricia, no, they won’t let you combine things like other places will. I actually had a $10 credit there and it wouldn’t let me use a coupon code and the $10 at the same time.

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